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2018 Google Marketing Keynote Takeaways

by Organik
on July 10, 2018

3 minute read

This morning the Organik SEO team watched the live stream of Google’s Marketing Keynote. The event featured a number of new announcements and re-announcements of features that have been rolling out over the past several months. Listed below each team member has highlighted their primary takeaway from the keynote.


Local shopping is an important component of advertising today as brick and mortars across the world are competing with online retailers like Amazon. Today, Google introduced Local Campaigns which are aimed to drive more consumers into physical stores by optimizing where ads appear across various services such as Search, Display, Maps, YouTube and more!

The process of creating these campaigns are relatively easy and only require a few simple things like business locations and different ad creatives. From there, Google will automatically optimize your ads across different properties to bring more customers right into your store.

Local campaigns are expected to roll out to advertisers globally over the next upcoming months.


Google Marketing Platform has over 100 integrations to allow for stronger collaboration. It unifies advertising and analytics into a single solution so you can plan, buy, measure, and optimize media and consumer experiences. This platform collaborates with 360 Suite, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, along with others. The new integration center caters to larger enterprises in order to gain deeper insights and better understand their customers. New features include Search Ads 360, Instant Reporting, along with 23 new and existing measurement partnerships to provide measurement solutions from partners you can trust.


Responsive Search Ads were one of the first features mentioned in the Google Ad presentation of the keynote. They look to be a powerful feature geared towards better utilizing Google’s machine learning. The beta has been rolling out for over a month now.

In addition to the machine learning aspect, the Responsive Ad feature allows marketers to activate up to 15 different headlines for a single ad. Each headline can be up to 90 characters in length which is 10 more than the typical headline. Additionally, Google recommends utilizing a minimum of 5 unique headlines per ad to capitalize on the feature. If the headlines are too similar, the machine learning will not be able to function as intended so this is an area that needs attention.

The beta will continue rolling out to more US-based users over the next several months.


My biggest takeaway was the overall emphasis on the need to be using multiple Google products to see success. It does not matter if you’re a large brand or a small business, you need to hit consumers at every stage of the journey. That means using Search Ads, Display Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Google understands that utilizing multiple platforms takes time, so there was additional emphasis on the fact that ad campaigns are getting smarter and employing Machine Learning. Digital marketing relays data from users and the new Smart Campaigns let you tap into the vast amounts of info Google has already collected.

The new Google Ads platform even hosts hotel and local specific campaign options which further highlights the intricacies of each industry and why there’s such a need to tailor Ad experiences.

With the rise of these automated tools, I see digital marketing shifting to be more story oriented or personalized. Online users want a seamless experience, they want the tech to work quickly and the message to be strong.

It feels like Google is taking steps to make the technical aspects of advertising easier so we as marketers can focus on the human element.

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