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3 DIY Strategies Your Business Can Use To Display on Google Now

by Organik
on October 27, 2016

3 minute read

Last month, I discussed how easy it is for Google to create a personal online experience directly on a mobile device via Google Now. As Google gains information, it will automatically produce Now Cards on your device based on what Google feels will be helpful. Google Now offers a brand or business more than one approach to get your name in front of the targeted user’s mobile device.

Below, I’ve included 3 Do-it-yourself strategies any business can implement into their digital marketing strategy for a chance to land on a Google Now Card that will display on a user’s mobile device.

Strategies to Display your Business or Brand on Mobile Devices

  1. Maps (i.e. Location)
  2. Email – Newsletters, Updates, Promotions
  3. Google Now Card – News, Shopping
    1. While there is no surefire method for companies to ensure landing a presence on Google Now cards for their audience, I’ve highlighted a potential opportunity an e-commerce or brick and mortar store can display.


If you are a geo-focused business. Maps is one the quickest ways to show your business on Google Now. If you are not on the map, here are two key factors why every business should have a map presence on Google. For one, 82% of smartphone users say they use search to find local businesses.¹  If that doesn’t get you inspired, consider this: by 2018, calls to businesses driven by mobile search are expected to grow to 73 billion.²  Get ready to see “Okay, Google, call…” dominate searches, as it has already started to increase exponentially — shown by the screenshot below taken from Google Trends for “okay google call.”

okay google call search graph


As an example, take a look at a mobile search I conducted today with the voice search, “Okay, Google, call Culture Brewing.”

okay google call culture brewing


As you can see, Google is getting better at showing exactly what I’m searching for. It will only be a matter of time before Google is able to surpass a search result page like the one above and directly call the company.



It’s time to give that email list some purpose. The days of emailing an image of a newsletter should be far behind you. Email is another avenue opportunity to reach users on mobile devices. The next time you decide to send out an email blast to your subscribers, I advise you to check out these structured data markup codes to help your email stand out amongst the countless clutter users get on a daily basis. Not only will these markups increase engagement, but they can also increase your conversion rate.

Google Now Shopping Card

As stated above, there is no surefire method to ensure a presence on Google Now. However, if you are an e-commerce website, adding additional structured markup will certainly increase your chances. Think about this for a second: 66% of mobile searchers have made a purchase (either online or in a store) after doing a related search on their smartphone.³ Think With Google recently published an article regarding smartphones and retail shopping. In the article, they stated that smartphones are becoming in-store shopping assistants. To give you an idea, think about the last time you looked in-store for a product and wanted to shop around for better deals — “Showroom Shopping.” This concept is the only thing that comes to mind with Google Now shopping cards. The shopping card is the perfect assistant for any shopper looking for better deals online while they are still in a store.
While there are a variety of ways a business can find success in being displayed on their target audience’s mobile devices, these are three initiatives any business can [and should] easily implement into their daily marketing efforts.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to tweet me at @dannyraylima or tweet my agency at @OrganikSEO if you would like additional information on Google Now cards.


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