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3 Google Adwords Features You’ll Love


by Jenny Foster
on April 7, 2017

3 minute read

Adwords is the most powerful advertising tool Google has to offer. It has dozens of features and nuances, making it hard to pinpoint which is best or most essential. However, there are three features I happen to love. I think they make your Adwords campaign work smarter/harder and in the end, all of your efforts will be more user-friendly.

The First Feature I Love Is The Text Message Ad Extension

The thing I really love about this, putting it atop my list, is that it caters to the mobile-first mentality. Mobile search has surpassed desktop search in recent years and it will continue to grow.

This ad extension makes a business very accessible, it’s just two clicks to a request. The text message pre-populates in your phone — all you have to do is push send! There’s a huge audience that prefers to text over call; this most definitely hits their hot button.

This feature launched late last year, I’ve only seen a handful of campaigns utilizing it. That means it’s a great way to set yourself apart in the crowded space that is Google search.

text message

The Second Feature I Love Is The Simultaneous Use of Device Bid Adjustments

It used to be that you could only adjust one bid for a device, not anymore! Now you can adjust multiple devices at once. I love this because it means you can be more aggressive on desktops when you need to be while still being ultra competitive on mobile, you don’t have to dial any of your efforts back, only amplify them!

This update activated last summer and has been a sorely needed change to the Adwords platform. Pay close attention to your analytics and you’ll know exactly which device to adjust, when and for what length of time. This will help you make smarter use of your marketing dollars.

The Third Feature I Love Is Dynamic Keywords

Dynamic keywords eliminate some of the guesswork when it comes to selecting terms for your campaigns. These keywords are highly intuitive and trigger your ads to display as an exact match to a query. The headline changes as the search terms change, which is a great way to capture a click with a high level of user intent.  There’s a lot of data out there that suggests people are more likely to click on an ad with an exact match headline.

dynamic keywords

I especially love how Google bolds text that is dynamically generated; it’s another way to have your ads stand out and increase the click-through rate. The use of dynamic keywords in conjunction with negative keywords and long tail searches is sure to have your Adwords campaign working efficiently!

I know there are a lot more than three awesome features in Adwords, but these are super impactful – especially for smaller budgets, smaller businesses or niche campaigns. When utilized correctly, Adwords will most definitely help you reach new customers and grow a business efficiently.

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