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How to Create and Edit Social Media Images

by Organik
on March 17, 2016

2 minute read

As digital marketing pros, one of our jobs is to provide our company or clients with a social media plan to help tell the story of their brand online. Because some of the most powerful social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) are visual, this often involves image creation and editing. Unfortunately for some, we’re not all blessed with a design background. Thankfully, the internet is full of resources and tools to help social media managers and businesses create images that resonate with their audience.

Here are four of our favorite tools for creating, editing and testing images for social media:

Canva – Designing Images

Canva describes itself as ‘Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software’ and rightfully so. If Photoshop and Illustrator are too complex for you, Canva will be a godsend. It offers templates to design images for social media, blogging, print campaigns, presentations, invitations and more. Canva has a design school, too, that helps users understand how to design well and with their target audience in mind.

Sprout Social’s Landscape – Image Resizing

Sprout Social, known to most as a very valuable social media management and reporting platform, is expanding its product offerings. The company released a social media image resizing tool called Landscape on March 14. To edit an image, upload it to or drag-and-drop it in Landscape, choose the social network you’d like to publish the image to and crop your image.

Camera+ – Editing Images

Camera+ is one of my favorite apps for photo editing. It can be likened to Instagram’s editing abilities, but is far more versatile. It’s a user-friendly iPhone app that boasts over 14 million users. Camera+ is perfect for small edits, like making an image brighter, or for more detailed editing, like changing and image’s saturation.

Placeit – Test visuals Across Devices

Use Placeit to test how your website displays across devices. This is especially essential as many people now view websites from iPhones, computers and iPads, which all have different screen sizes. While this tool isn’t social media-specific, it can help when testing blog images to ensure they aren’t too small or blurry.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “How to Create Clear Goals for Digital Marketing Campaigns.” Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!


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