6 Keys to a Great Company Culture

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6 Keys to a Great Company Culture

by Organik
on May 13, 2015

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We often hear about Google and its gourmet cafeteria and digital startups and their ping pong tables. But any good employer knows that it takes more than good food and games to make company culture attractive and beneficial to the business. At Organik SEO, we constantly consider what it takes to keep employees happy, healthy and productive–and in turn, our business thriving.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Hire Well

Without the right team in place, your organization will sink faster than you can say ‘Titanic.’ When building your team, it’s crucial to deeply understand not only what skills a potential employee will bring to the table, but also how well they play with your existing team. One can assume during an interview that said person will mesh well with your all-star team, but what if they don’t? Nip this in the bud and ask a candidate who’s in the final stages of the interview process to spend a day working with your team. Or, simply ask them if they can come out for a drink with the team after work to get a feel for how well everyone jives together. We’ve hired our best and brightest (to be fair, all of our employees are our best and brightest) this way.

Trust Your Employees

As much as this statement is thrown around, it’s not truly practiced. Many employers say they trust their employees only to end up either micromanaging them or expect too-frequent updates on their progress and work. There’s nothing like a lack of trust that belittles a person and the last thing you want is an employee who’s confidence has been shaved down to the bone. An employee who lacks confidence and doesn’t feel worthwhile or trusted will inevitably mess up. Practice trust and teach where you must.

Foster Your Employee’s Growth

A stagnant employee is a waste of your money. If you don’t allow an employee to grow with your company, the company won’t grow. You’re missing an opportunity to find ways to move onward and upward – and your employee may move outward, if you catch my drift. Instead, offer opportunities for growth. Invest in continued education for your team, watch webinars, sign up for Lynda.com, send your team to conferences. And then brag to your clients and customers about the amazing skills your employees have, how you continually educate yourself and your team about industry best practices and why you’re the best business for the job.

Have Fun

Have a heart. Your team spends more than 40 hours a week in the office – let them have a bit of fun, will ya? When employees are happy to come to work it shows. It becomes something they love doing rather than just a paycheck, which means they’re invested in it and want to do well. It also fosters team communication. Our office goes all out for birthdays, has a simulated racing machine, engages in the occasional Nerf gun war (because sometimes you have to de-stress) and enjoys happy hours at the local winery and brewery.

Don’t Forget the Perks

At Organik SEO, our CEO lets us put our coffee on his tab at Cedros Cafe, one of our local coffee shops. This makes us feel special and proves to us that our boss and company is cool. And, in turn, we tell people about this. This breeds company pride and spreads the word about Organik. Do something to surprise and delight existing and incoming employees. Show them that they’re special and they’ll return the favor for your business.

Keep the Conversation Going

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