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6 Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website To Load Faster

by Organik
on November 19, 2012

3 minute read

Slow website loading speeds are not only frustrating but can also lower your ranking visibility. Search engines take loading speed into account as an algorithm factor when ranking websites for their results listing.

Below are 6 quick tips to help ensure that your WordPress site loads quickly:
1. Limit your Plugins – Plugins may make your website look better and make it more interesting, they can be deadly for website speed. In this case, less can be more by being selective and using them minimally. There are a few advantageous plugins such as P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) that tracks your other plugins’ performance and their effect on your site. P3 records the number of plugins running, their load time, and their impact on your site’s load time. P3 creates a pie chart reference within the backed CMS.

2. Control Spam Comments – Your website may be receiving spam comments often, and keeping these comments in your database can slow your loading time if you receive large amounts daily. You may keep an eye out for spam comments with inappropriate content and remove those, but even the benign ones can affect your site’s performance. These should be deleted frequently and routinely. Do not let comments in the unapproved section of your comment manager linger, simply approve the good ones and trash the rest.

3. Remove Post Revisions – Post revisions offer some benefits, but overkill will negatively affect your website performance. Each time a post or edit is made, Post Revisions keeps a copy whenever it is saved. The benefit is letting you look back at the five most recently saved changes and revert to an earlier version. However, keeping unneeded revisions will only make your site lag.

4. Consider your Hosting Provider – You need to be sure your server has enough memory and CPU speed for WordPress to operate properly. Using a shared hosting account may not be enough to keep your site running at its full potential. Lower traffic sites may run well on shared account hosts like Blueshot, Dreamhost, or HostGator; upgrading your hosting account to a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) increases your website’s performance. You can create and optimize your own WordPess server, but it does take time and expertise.

This can be done with utilizing one of the following services:

* Synthesis
* Page.ly
* WP Engine

5. Consider Cache Plugins – Even though plugins can affect your loading time, another safe and useful plugin to add to your safe list are cache plugins. They use content from your cache so that your database does not have to repeatedly generate the site over and over. Each time the database is accessed to produce the site, it runs more slowly. These caches take a short cut to allow visitors quicker access.

6. Optimize your images –Not to be forgotten is image optimization. This is one of the most crucial elements of a site’s loading time. Be sure you are uploading a web ready image that is optimized and saved at 72dpi (not a full size print quality 300dpi image). Most cameras save images as a 300dpi high resolution image, so a tool to reduce the image size so it loads quickly will be needed. As a point of reference, most camera images are shot as 1 to 2 megabytes in size. The image can be reduced in size to less than 1/20th the size of the original without any noticeable difference. Web optimized images work best at about 50k to 200k.

For those who may not have the time and expertise (or patience), consulting an SEO expert can be the most practical solution in order to get some quick guidance and direction. Contact us today for help!

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