Organik SEO "Companies That Care" Spotlight: Seven Hopes United

Companies That Care

Seven Hopes United in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

by Organik
on April 16, 2014

3 minute read

We are happy to give the “Companies That Care” spotlight this week to Seven Hopes United, a San Diego-based fair trade company that sells gifts made by artisans in developing countries. The proceeds from the sale of the goods goes toward living wages and sustainable lifestyles.

At Seven Hopes United, you can find everything from eco-friendly accessories to jewelry to wares for every room in the house. Seven Hopes United offers funky, colorful and handmade items made from artisans around the globe. Your purchase of fair trade products ensures that our artisans are paid a living wage for their work, working conditions are safe, and no children are exploited.


What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade contributes to social development and economic stability by offering a means to a fair wage and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers – especially in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Seven Hopes United’s mission is to provide a globally conscious alternative in a market where profits rule and where exploited workers are often left without a voice or resources to provide basic human needs for their families. In this unfair market, children are left hungry and without an education, women are being exploited for money, and producers are working under inhumane conditions. Seven Hopes United is committed to changing all of that. By educating consumers on how their choices affect other people’s lives around the world, Seven Hopes United hopes to promote products that come from producers that “protect the dignity and worth of all people, provide a living wage for their artisans, and are committed to investing in the community and their environment.”

Only 20% of producer goods are sold under fair trade terms, while the rest goes to the world market at much lower prices. By purchasing items through Seven Hopes United, you will be enriching the lives of thousands of artisans worldwide and making a difference in their lives. If every American made just ONE Fair Trade purchase once a year, it would help ONE MILLION families get out of poverty.


Why Buying Fair Trade is Important

Beyond the human benefits, revenues from fair trade cooperatives are invested back into producer communities in various ways, including training producers in organic and sustainable farming techniques (which helps offset worldly carbon emissions), building houses, schools, and clinics that are able to provide health care for the entire community. Each product sold by Seven Hopes United is hand selected by their buyers.

Every purchase through Seven Hopes United induces change – here’s how:

  • Provides economic stability and a living wage for disadvantaged producers throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • Provides work for victims of human trafficking in India, Cambodia, and Bangladesh
  • Provides healthcare, school fees, and community buildings to weavers in Southern Sudan
  • Protects sea turtles on beaches near Kenya’s Kiunga Marine National Reserve
  • Supports orphaned Rwandan youth affected by AIDS & genocide


Seven Hopes United is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. They purchase as little packaging materials as possible and reuse almost ALL packaging material that is shipped to them.

To learn more about Seven Hopes United, please visit their website and be sure to check out their Facebook Page.

P.S. If you’re a local San Diego based company that has a passion for sustainability and giving back, we want to hear about it; learn more about “Companies That Care,” and feel free to contact us!  Then tune in every week to see what San Diego business will be featured next!

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