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Dreaming of a Green Christmas

by Organik
on December 4, 2012

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Things are getting downright festive in the Organik SEO office. Pumpkin spice lattes abound, the air has a noticeable nip to it (well, nippy for San Diego), and Spotify is providing us with round the clock holiday music.

Our Secret Santa party is still a few days away but we decided to share what’s on each of our Christmas wish lists. It’s a glimpse into our hopes, dreams, and what makes us tick. Also, there seems to be a general desire for super powers.

Julien (The Boss)

  • 1 Year of catered fresh organic lunches delivered for the office daily
  • A race car simulator for the office
  • An in-house “Organik” coffee bar and full time barista
  • A Herman Miller chair for my desk



DJ (SEO Manager)

  • Arcane arcade table
  • iPhone doormat
  • A puppy





Hayley (Social Media Manager)

  • A full week of Twitter not going over capacity
  • My own In n’ Out franchise
  • The Ostrich head pillow for spontaneous desk naps
  • Ugly Christmas sweater




Christina  (Project Manager)

  • A laundry list of super powers including, but not limited to, the ability to fly, breathe underwater, and teleport.
  • To be listed on Wikipedia as the greatest women that ever lived (having brokered world peace and found a cure for cancer in my spare time.)
  • To win the lottery



Maria J. (Intern)

  • Permanent three day weekends.
  • The ability to teleport. I hate flying.
  • Unlimited amounts of truffle oil. It just makes everything taste that much better.





Maria M. (Intern)

  • Channing Tatum.  Wrapped or unwrapped.



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