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Google Expands Meta Descriptions In Search Results

Google confirmed late last quarter that it would increase the average character count of a description snippet seen below an organic search result. We and many others have started to see the activation of the announcement on a more consistent basis. The longer descriptions have the potential to seize a better portion of the valuable real estate … Continued


Cleaning Up: Google’s Crackdown on Local Map Pack Spam

Local SEO is a rapidly changing arena, and true to form, we’ve seen some shake-ups over the past few months. One of the most notable updates is that Google has made a considerable effort to clean up spam that’s long been plaguing the local map packs. The number of exact match searches to Google My … Continued

3 Google Adwords Features You’ll Love

Adwords is the most powerful advertising tool Google has to offer. It has dozens of features and nuances, making it hard to pinpoint which is best or most essential. However, there are three features I happen to love. I think they make your Adwords campaign work smarter/harder and in the end, all of your efforts … Continued

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2016 Landscape of Local Search

2016 was a year just like many others in digital marketing, full of rapid shifts, fast burning trends, and ever-changing strategies. Local Search was no exception; it was hit with a number of updates and changes within Google and Google My Business. Here is a breakdown of the most notable changes to the local search … Continued

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Organic Search and PPC – A Power Couple

The world of search engine marketing can be a segmented space, there are numerous resources specific to only PPC or organic search engine optimization. Sometimes, those components are even seen as competing forces. However, PPC and organic search actually make a great couple, and like any great working relationship, they complement one another’s strengths and … Continued

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Why Your [Small] Business Needs a Blog

A question I’m asked all the time as a marketer is, “Does our business really need a blog?” The answer is a firm Yes. As a business, small or large, blogging holds a lot of power within your marketing strategy, especially if you’re conducting SEO (search engine optimization) or social media campaigns. There are many … Continued

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5 Recent Changes in Local SEO

One of my go-to lines as a search engine marketer is, “Google giveth and Google taketh away!” True to form, the past few months have seen some notable changes to Google My Business and local search. Recently, there has been five noteworthy updates:  1. Business Descriptions No Longer Supported Within Google My Business Google made an … Continued

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Are You a Well-Rounded Marketer?

Today’s world can seem to move at the speed of light. Technology is evolving rapidly along with the digital marketing landscape. For those who are employed in marketing, I think it’s necessary to be well-rounded to be truly effective in today’s digital arena. You need to keep pace with the evolution, at the very least. … Continued

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