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B Corps: How to Make Your Business Greener

by Organik
on November 12, 2015

3 minute read

In a recent blog I discussed the value of becoming a certified B Corporation. Today, I’d like to focus on how to maintain and improve your B Corp score, or simply just become a greener business with easy examples. We recently went through the assessment process of maintaining our B Corp certification, and we were able to improve our score! Organik SEO is passionate about being socially responsible, honest and sustainable and we are committed to our purpose-driven mission.

There are several sections that the B Lab assesses and companies must meet certain requirements, or scores, in order to be certified as B Corp. Businesses are assessed every two years to make sure that they are still meeting the best standards and so that the name “B Corp” does not lose its validity. The sections of the business that are assessed are:

  • Governance & Corporate Accountability: Transparency to employees and the public, financial controls and auditing, ethics
  • Workers: compensation, benefits and training, worker environment
  • Community Practices: job creation, diversity, suppliers and distributors (supporting local and sustainable vendors)
  • Environment: Recycling practices, monitoring energy usage and efforts to minimize waste, carbon footprint
  • Customers: If your product/service serves underserved populations or solves social or environmental issues

Below I have included examples of how to improve your impact and B Corp score easily!

 Governance & Corporate Accountability:

  • Make your mission statement public on your website and a part of your organizational culture (trainings)
  • Share and educate your employees on the company’s basic finances (excluding salary info)
  • Implement consistent performance reviews (Create a Google Drive Spreadsheet for each quarter, start small and build upon each time)
  • Create social and environmental goals, and measure each employees’ contribution
  • Publicize your goals and results (blog posts are a great way to showcase your efforts!)
  • Advertise your portal for customer feedback and ask for it via contact forms, blog comments, public online surveys, newsletters, etc.
  • Password security: storage, routine updates, limited access (LastPass is a great password tool)
  • Create more company policies (Whistle-blowing)


  • Make sure your lowest paid employee is paid above the living wage in your region (Use the living wage calculator)
  • Implement a formal bonus plan
  • Offer to contribute a portion of the employees’ healthcare or retirement plan
  • Write an Employee Handbook and make all HR related forms available (excluding confidential info)


  • Support volunteer efforts and charitable contributions (great for team bonding)
  • Support local businesses and environmentally friendly vendors


  • Implement recycling programs (make sure your bins are marked clearly)
  • Purchase eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom supplies and cleaning products (World Centric is a fellow B Corp)
  • Purchase recycled paper and office products
  • Eliminate paper usage – go digital! (Google Drive and Dropbox are great for storing documents and sharing with others outside your organization)
  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Install LED lighting
  • Monitor water usage (create a contest to get the team on board)
  • Install water filter systems (reduce water bottle usage)
  • Suggest energy and cost saving improvements to your landlord
  • Recycle your batteries and purchase rechargeable ones


  • Start offering your product/service to underserved populations and people in need or create a product/service to fit their needs
  • If you are a B2B, reach out to businesses that offer products/services to these populations

If you are an existing B Corp, the B Lab provides great PDF guides on how to improve your impact and are available in the B Impact Assessment Portal.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “More Than Just a Green Business.”

Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.

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