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Companies That Care

BoxedGreen in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

by Organik
on March 25, 2014

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We are happy to give the “Companies That Care” spotlight to BoxedGreen, a company that connects the local San Diego community to inexpensive and practical packing alternatives, while reducing their environmental impact.

BoxedGreen is the brainchild of Eaman Talai, who after moving from Oklahoma to Chicago to New York to San Diego, recognized the need for a cheaper and greener solution for packing materials. Eaman also noticed that retail stores are constantly receiving new product shipments in cardboard boxes that can oftentimes be reused but were instead being recycled prematurely. Bringing these stores and some key individuals together in an efficient way seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a green business and thus BoxedGreen was born.

Approximately 40 million Americans, or 13% of the population, move each year. Roughly 12 trees are cut down to create one ton of new cardboard moving boxes, and corrugated boxes are the largest category of municipal solid waste. Reusing boxes cuts down on the waste produced by such a common and repetitive task.

Buying boxes through BoxedGreen is an opportunity to help mother nature. BoxedGreen eliminates the need for you to go hunting or begging for boxes for your move. Instead, BoxedGreen connects you with local stores closest to you that have the boxes you need for only $1 each! The boxes are high-quality, perfectly functional and gently used. Here’s how BoxedGreen works:


1) Use their easy-to-use platform online to find the nearest store(s) with the quantity and sizes of boxes you are looking for. You are able to buy from as many stores as you want.



boxed-green-buy-moving-boxes2) Pay for the boxes. After you’ve picked your boxes, you can pay for them online to reserve them. You will then receive an email receipt confirming your order.



boxed-green-your-moving-boxes3) Pick up the boxes. Four hours after you place your order with BoxedGreen, your boxes are ready for pick-up. Take your electronic or printed receipt to the store you bought from and pick up your boxes within 3 business days.

That’s it!

BoxedGreen also donates a portion of all their sales to green causes. They have partnered with some really cool non-profit environmental organizations that all strive to make the world a greener place. BoxedGreen is part of 1% For The Planet, which is an alliance of more than 1,200 businesses that commit at least 1% of sales to more than 3,000 approved environmental organizations.

BoxedGreen is currently only available in San Diego but will be expanding to other cities very soon!

To learn more about BoxedGreen, please visit their website and their Facebook Page.

P.S. If you’re a local San Diego based company that has a passion for sustainability and giving back, we want to hear about it; learn more about “Companies That Care,” and feel free to contact us!  Then tune in every week to see what San Diego business will be featured next!

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