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How Some Businesses are Using Social Media in a Big Way

by Organik
on February 14, 2014

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Most businesses use social media to market and engage with their customers. But several companies are venturing outside the box and trying new and exciting marketing ideas.

Fashion retailer Nordstrom is asking the community on Pinterest to vote on which displays they want to see in each store. Pinterest was recently named the fastest growing content sharing platform. Nordstrom now has a following of about 4.5 million users on the social media site and began testing this new marketing approach at the beginning of last year.


The social media manager at Nordstrom, Brain Galipeau, told Business Insider, “Our customers are on Pinterest, so we want to be there too. Pinterest is in many ways the world’s biggest wish list—and so it also fits well with our goal of having our merchandise show up in our customer’s wish lists.”

The Pinterest displays in Nordstrom stores are changed by associates every week and will update them more often if the store notices a popular trend. “The customer is voting with their pins to tell us what they think is hot – and we’re listening closely,” Galipeau said. “It’s always really exciting to see what they pin.”

Starting in November of 2013, items that were deemed popular on Pinterest were displayed in Nordstrom stores with a red tag. This tag let shoppers know that they were popular. According to Galipeau, the most popular categories on Nordstrom’s Pinterest pages include women’s fashion, home, wedding, gifts, beauty and kids. Trending these days are a Mavogue structured tote, Ray Ban rose colored aviator sunglasses and Steve Madden floral heel sandals. 

Along with expanded store displays, Nordstrom debuted its 2013 holiday catalog on Pinterest first. The company also created an in-store app that matches up to favorite Pinterest items. It tells the user if the item is in stock and the availability of the item on a store-to-store basis.

Another top company looking to market outside the box using social media is MINI Cooper. MINI has had several popular campaigns, including getting smartphone users to play a game of cat and mouse to giving one lucky fan a chance to create MINI Cooper’s new ad. MINI Cooper is very effective at being fun and one-of-a-kind, while appealing to their social media fans.

In 2012, MINI Belgium and Luxembourg created another unique social media campaign using its Facebook page. It was called “Fan The Flame” and took place at the Brussels Motor Show. A brand new MINI Belux was placed on a slope and held in place only by a thick rope. A bunsen burner had been placed under the rope to burn it and the flame was controlled by Facebook likes! For each “like” that MINI Belux Facebook page got, it ignited the flame (remotely) for a small period of time. The person who’s “like” caused the rope to break won a MINI. How cool is that?


The social media campaign did have a slight drawback because users were reluctant to be the first to start off.  The genius catch was that you had no idea when the rope was going to snap! It could very well have been on the first “like”.

Coming up with creative and unique ideas for your social media campaigns is essential to your business’s marketing plan. Engaging your audience both offline and online can generate great success.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “A Step By Step Online Marketing Plan”. The Organik SEO team is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!  

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