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A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Decisions for Businesses

If you own or work for a small business, you might be feeling the pressure to become a “data-centered” business and to make “data-driven” decisions. If you’re a bit foggy on what that means for you or your business in practice, you aren’t alone. Many small businesses understand that making smart use of the insights … Continued

SEO Fears: Advice from a Small Business Perspective

The following story is from the perspective of a local small business owner: My name is Evan, I spent the last year preparing for my website overhaul and have experienced the SEO fears that many small businesses face firsthand. I wanted to share those experiences with other business owners who may have the same questions. … Continued

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How to Organize Your Marketing Efforts

Set yourself up for success, and your marketing efforts will roll out smoothly. If you want to achieve your goals, start by decluttering your mind and streamlining your marketing. It helps to get everything out on paper first, so you can look at your business plan with a clear mind. Similar to most projects, it’s … Continued

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How to Find Your Audience’s Common Denominator of Excitement

When you’re pressed for time, creativity is often the last effort that can be mustered. Inspiration is nowhere to be found, muses are long gone and the light at the end of the tunnel is simply meeting a deadline. But there are ways to inspire creativity. [tweet]It’s essential to approach each digital marketing task with … Continued

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How to Communicate Confidence Through Body Language and Conversation

Communication is integral to the success of any digital marketer. It’s essential to be able to speak with confidence and poise to pitch ideas, communicate effectively with clients and executives and avoid misunderstandings. Here’s how to ensure you’re saying what you want to say: Speak Eloquently and Confidently Speaking with confidence can be a challenge. … Continued


How to Create and Edit Social Media Images

As digital marketing pros, one of our jobs is to provide our company or clients with a social media plan to help tell the story of their brand online. Because some of the most powerful social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) are visual, this often involves image creation and editing. Unfortunately for some, we’re not all … Continued

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4 Powerful Words for Digital Marketing Pros: “How Can I Help?”

When people peruse the internet – whether they’re reading a blog post, interacting on social media or visiting a favorite website – they’re looking for three things: To connect with others To be inspired To receive help Connecting with others could mean finding a forum (a Facebook or LinkedIn group) in which they can discuss a … Continued

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