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Components of an Inspiring Workplace: Part 2

An inspiring workplace is a positive workplace. It’s the type of environment that all employees need in order to find success. Inspiration, however, is stimulated in so many different ways depending on personal preference. We recently covered four components of an inspiring workplace, and we’re back with four more focusing on inspiration through office design. … Continued

Components of an Inspiring Workplace: Part 1

Inspiration within a workplace is essential for the utmost motivation, creativity and productivity. So what makes for an inspiring workplace? It comes down to many different factors depending on individual and group preferences on what stimulates inspiration. With that said, it’s important to consider varying work styles [among your team] in order to develop a … Continued

7 Techniques for Brainstorming [Business] Blog Topics

At some point, having to generate blog topics has stumped us all — from industry experts to casual writers. With a little strategy, it’s just a matter of getting the creative juices flowing. Thankfully, the sources of inspiration are endless if you’re willing to do a bit of digging. The next time you hit a wall … Continued

3 Steps for Generating Authentic Blog Content

Are you confident in the content you are creating for your blog? Would you consider your content to be reliable and credible? Do you write with strategy in mind? If your answer to any of these questions is no, continue reading, and take the following advice into consideration! You must first understand this: Content in the … Continued

Project Managing Small Web Development Projects

If you work in a small digital agency or are freelancing, you probably have multiple small projects on your plate at a given time. So how do you handle all of the moving parts? There are tons of software tools to choose from to help you stay organized, on schedule, and under budget. At Organik SEO, … Continued

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How to Organize Your Marketing Efforts

Set yourself up for success, and your marketing efforts will roll out smoothly. If you want to achieve your goals, start by decluttering your mind and streamlining your marketing. It helps to get everything out on paper first, so you can look at your business plan with a clear mind. Similar to most projects, it’s … Continued

Understanding the SEO Campaign Life Cycle

An SEO campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business, but when should you expect to see results? To understand the expectations of an SEO campaign, you need to know the different stages involved. One of the best ways to communicate expectations is by drawing comparisons to the product life cycle. This … Continued

blue dinosaur in tree

Marketing Practices that Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not these marketing trends… The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and trends come and go as fast as, well, a cheese poof in the hands of Cartman. Marketers are having to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape when it comes to social media, SEO, and content marketing. Don’t … Continued

Micah Making a Good Impression with Organik SEO

How to Communicate Confidence Through Body Language and Conversation

Communication is integral to the success of any digital marketer. It’s essential to be able to speak with confidence and poise to pitch ideas, communicate effectively with clients and executives and avoid misunderstandings. Here’s how to ensure you’re saying what you want to say: Speak Eloquently and Confidently Speaking with confidence can be a challenge. … Continued

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