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Switching to HTTPS: What You Need to Know

If you have a website without the HTTPS protocol, you may have received an email from Google recently – specifically on August 17th – informing you that Google Chrome will start displaying a security warning to your website visitors. Uh-oh, and what do you do now? *cue the panic* Big changes are happening with website … Continued

Quick SEO Wins

Quick SEO Wins For Your New Clients

When initially meeting with clients about SEO, one of the first things we remind them is that it truly is a long game. So many of the basic principles of SEO, such as building engaging content that other sites link to, can take months to achieve. But the light at the end of the tunnel … Continued

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Organic Search and PPC – A Power Couple

The world of search engine marketing can be a segmented space, there are numerous resources specific to only PPC or organic search engine optimization. Sometimes, those components are even seen as competing forces. However, PPC and organic search actually make a great couple, and like any great working relationship, they complement one another’s strengths and … Continued

SEO Fears: Advice from a Small Business Perspective

The following story is from the perspective of a local small business owner: My name is Evan, I spent the last year preparing for my website overhaul and have experienced the SEO fears that many small businesses face firsthand. I wanted to share those experiences with other business owners who may have the same questions. … Continued

New Review Features on Google’s Knowledge Graph

There is a multitude of features businesses small and large need to be capitalizing on to ensure their information is displaying at the top of Google for a branded searches.Google’s Knowledge Graph, is one of those sources and it is constantly introducing new data relevant to clientele for a specific business. Several recent changes have had an … Continued

Understanding the SEO Campaign Life Cycle

An SEO campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business, but when should you expect to see results? To understand the expectations of an SEO campaign, you need to know the different stages involved. One of the best ways to communicate expectations is by drawing comparisons to the product life cycle. This … Continued

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5 Tips for Creating Great Blog Content

A good blog can change a your business’s world. Without a blog, people will only visit your company’s website when they’re in need of your particular service or would like to purchase your product. Even this depends on a variety of factors including whether or not your website is well-optimized and comes up readily in … Continued


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