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Google Expands Meta Descriptions In Search Results

Google confirmed late last quarter that it would increase the average character count of a description snippet seen below an organic search result. We and many others have started to see the activation of the announcement on a more consistent basis. The longer descriptions have the potential to seize a better portion of the valuable real estate … Continued

Switching to HTTPS: What You Need to Know

If you have a website without the HTTPS protocol, you may have received an email from Google recently – specifically on August 17th – informing you that Google Chrome will start displaying a security warning to your website visitors. Uh-oh, and what do you do now? *cue the panic* Big changes are happening with website … Continued

Three do it yourself google now strategies

3 DIY Strategies Your Business Can Use To Display on Google Now

Last month, I discussed how easy it is for Google to create a personal online experience directly on a mobile device via Google Now. As Google gains information, it will automatically produce Now Cards on your device based on what Google feels will be helpful. Google Now offers a brand or business more than one … Continued

New Review Features on Google’s Knowledge Graph

There is a multitude of features businesses small and large need to be capitalizing on to ensure their information is displaying at the top of Google for a branded searches.Google’s Knowledge Graph, is one of those sources and it is constantly introducing new data relevant to clientele for a specific business. Several recent changes have had an … Continued

5 Sign on Street

5 Recent Changes in Local SEO

One of my go-to lines as a search engine marketer is, “Google giveth and Google taketh away!” True to form, the past few months have seen some notable changes to Google My Business and local search. Recently, there has been five noteworthy updates:  1. Business Descriptions No Longer Supported Within Google My Business Google made an … Continued


Must-have Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

The digital world is fast-paced and ever-changing, which can only mean one thing; life as a digital marketer can be tough. Between updating social profiles, running KPI reports, doing outreach for link building, keyword research, writing content for blogs, infographics or social updates, time flies and having the right tools at hand is fundamental to … Continued

Crystal ball being held in sunlight

3 Predictions on Google’s Conversational Search

Recently at SMX, Behshad Behzadi, Principal Engineer at Google Zurich, said that Google is starting to work on conversational search. Conversational search will allow users to buy or locate products by talking to their phones operating system (OS). Along with this new search ability, Google is also working on “conversational shopping.” So, what does all … Continued

Removal of Google ads on right hand side

R.I.P. Google Right Side Ads: What This Means for Your Business

SEOs and digital marketing pros alike weighed in last week when Google officially removed right-hand sidebar ads from SERPs. The change spurred much debate regarding whether the ads were effective, what this means for the future of search and how this change will affect organic rankings. I spoke with Organik SEO’s SEO specialist, Danny Lima, … Continued

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