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Cleaning Up: Google’s Crackdown on Local Map Pack Spam

Local SEO is a rapidly changing arena, and true to form, we’ve seen some shake-ups over the past few months. One of the most notable updates is that Google has made a considerable effort to clean up spam that’s long been plaguing the local map packs. The number of exact match searches to Google My … Continued

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2016 Landscape of Local Search

2016 was a year just like many others in digital marketing, full of rapid shifts, fast burning trends, and ever-changing strategies. Local Search was no exception; it was hit with a number of updates and changes within Google and Google My Business. Here is a breakdown of the most notable changes to the local search … Continued

5 Sign on Street

5 Recent Changes in Local SEO

One of my go-to lines as a search engine marketer is, “Google giveth and Google taketh away!” True to form, the past few months have seen some notable changes to Google My Business and local search. Recently, there has been five noteworthy updates:  1. Business Descriptions No Longer Supported Within Google My Business Google made an … Continued


Must-have Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

The digital world is fast-paced and ever-changing, which can only mean one thing; life as a digital marketer can be tough. Between updating social profiles, running KPI reports, doing outreach for link building, keyword research, writing content for blogs, infographics or social updates, time flies and having the right tools at hand is fundamental to … Continued

2015 Recap Note

2015 Local Search Recap

It’s been quite a year for local search! There were a number of shakeups in the last final few months, taking marketers on somewhat of a roller coaster ride. While some of the changes are less obvious than others, they all seem to be coming from the same place. It looks like most of the … Continued

Standing at a starting line

SEO for Beginners: Because You Have to Start Somewhere

If you want your business to be found online, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve optimized your website so that both search engines (let’s be honest, primarily Google) and users understand what services or products your business offers. The process is time consuming, but it can mean the difference between your business being found in search … Continued

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3 Search Engine Marketing Questions Answered

“Helping the world one small business owner at at time.” This is my motto as a digital marketer. I work hard to be the best marketer I can be, as a consequence, I’m on a never-ending quest to educate SMBs about digital marketing. I get all kinds of questions from all kinds of businesses, but … Continued

Moving Box

The SEO Guide to Moving Your Local Business

Your business is thriving, your customers are satisfied, and your workspace was great, all until you outgrew it. Maybe you found a better location more central to a large part of your demographic, or maybe you’re moving all the way across the country. No matter the circumstance, you’ve decided it’s time for a new space, … Continued

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The Basics of Building Online Reviews

Want to gather more online reviews but unsure how? Most of America’s small businesses are in the same situation. There are 3 major players right now – Yelp, Facebook, and Google. I don’t think that’s surprising to anyone, these are well known websites, some of the top trafficked across the web. Nearly everyone in America has … Continued

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