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Be On The Lookout for These Social Media Updates

It’s hard to stay on top of all the social media changes these days. With so many platforms, it’s time-consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing some of the big changes and promised updates that we have come across lately. Facebook Facebook has announced that they will … Continued


How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a valuable way to reach your target audience through advertising, connecting with fans, garnering reviews and responding to and engaging with customers. If your business is using Facebook, make sure your Business Page is optimized for success. Follow this check list to ensure you’ve completed the necessary steps to help your audience navigate … Continued

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8 Quick Facebook Advertising Tools & Resources to Save Your Sanity

Facebook advertising is no easy task. It takes patience, testing and the desire to dive into analytics. But when done well, it can greatly help your business engage meaningfully with its target demographic, generate brand awareness and drive conversions. Here are eight of our favorite tools, tips and resources for Facebook advertising and management: Facebook Audience … Continued

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Digital Marketing Advertising: Four Strategies For Success

Remember when advertising was confined to print and media? While these avenues are still effective, they tend to be costly and difficult to measure. Enter digital marketing advertising. Advertising via Facebook, Instagram and Google gives you the power to craft your business’s message the way you want to, split test ads and track conversions. In … Continued

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Manually Uploading Videos to Facebook

We all know Facebook can be a little…difficult. Whether it’s changing the layout one day and back the next or just flat out not working, we have all been there. As much as I complain about Facebook, it is a big part of my job and I am on it every single day. Today I … Continued

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5 Facebook Management Tips for Beginners

When you’re getting started with the management of a Facebook Page, whether it’s your own or it’s for a client, it can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider including the best time to post, what to post, and how and what you should spend your Facebook advertising budget on. These are common concerns I hear about … Continued

Why We Love and Hate Facebook

It seems that most brands these days have a love hate relationship with Facebook. With organic reach on a steady decline -less than 6.15% on average- it can be tough to justify using Facebook for social media marketing. But here at Organik SEO, we still believe! We encourage clients to use Facebook, but we know … Continued

What You Missed: Social Media Updates

With so many new social media updates happening almost daily it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, we have you covered and have rounded up the latest updates to hit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. What’s New with Facebook? Control What You See: You now have more power then ever when it comes to … Continued

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