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Pinterest and Search: What you Need to Know

If you’re looking for the following topics online, where do you search? A new vegetarian recipe Home remodel inspiration A new workout to try DIY natural skin care Answers to your questions about your dog Pinterest is the first platform I use to search for the answers to these questions and others. Even if I do use Google first, … Continued

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How to Drive Sales and Awareness During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us, digital marketing pros. There are so many things you can do to make your social accounts relevant, fresh and overall jollier! It is important to keep the look of your accounts new and fresh to show your followers and fans that you care and are up-to-date. Make sure to … Continued

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Pinterest Cheat Sheet: Tips for Pinning Success!

Everyone loves Pinterest right!? Its visual nature makes it hard not to get sucked into pinning various workouts, recipes and clothes all night. Although it is a very easy-to-use social platform, it can also be very complex when it comes to using it for a business. As new features, updates and information have been released … Continued

Get the Latest on Pinterest: Secrets, Tips and Ideas

“Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic.” Is your business using Pinterest? I have been an avid Pinterest user for a while now and love discovering new things about the platform as well as ways to help brands grow. Below are a few of the things that I have discovered along the way that … Continued

The Pinterest Pin It Button: Creating Better Pin Descriptions

Since Pinterest’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past year, many business owners have installed Pin It buttons on their websites to encourage visitors to share their content on Pinterest. These handy little tools make it easy to pin an image but each can have its own way of adding a description. PINS Roughly 80 percent of all pins … Continued

Looking to get Your Business Noticed on Pinterest? Try These Tips!

If your business doesn’t have a Pinterest page yet, it should. Pinterest has over 70 million users worldwide and the site drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit COMBINED! If you are looking to get your pins on Pinterest viewed by not only users who follow you but also new users, check out … Continued

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You Can Now Add Vine Videos to Pinterest

There is a nifty new feature that now let’s you add Vine videos to your Pinterest page. In case you are not familiar, Vine is a mobile video making app that lets users create a short six-second video. You can shoot these videos continuously for six seconds, or you can use stop animation to pause … Continued

Pinterest to Roll Out New “Interest” Page

Pinterest is looking to further personalize their site for the individual user. The social media company recently announced a preview of a new interest-based discovery page. This page will feature suggested pin collections that match your personal tastes. Although not fully live yet, the new Pinterest “Interest” tool will now help users find pins they … Continued

Check Out These Upcoming Social Networks

We all know about the main social networks that dominate social media. But where is social media headed and what new platforms will be popular down the line? Here are a few of the upcoming social networks that aren’t well known yet, but just might be a hit due to their innovation. We will also … Continued

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