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Be On The Lookout for These Social Media Updates

It’s hard to stay on top of all the social media changes these days. With so many platforms, it’s time-consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing some of the big changes and promised updates that we have come across lately. Facebook Facebook has announced that they will … Continued

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Quick Guide to Joining a Twitter Chat

What Exactly is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter chat is where people come together to talk about a certain topic or industry and communicate using a predetermined #hashtag. Twitter chats are great for learning from others in your industry as well as sharing any ideas you have. They are great for building a community around … Continued

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How to Tweet for Search Engines

Tweeting. It’s a polarizing topic. I’m a big fan, but it’s sometimes difficult to convey the benefit of Twitter to businesses and even individuals. I got both of my most recent jobs via Twitter connections (hello, online networking!) and our clients at Organik SEO have seen considerable growth in engagement and web traffic from Twitter. … Continued

9 Quick Tips to Boost Your Twitter Presence

Image via My friend and former roommate recently became inspired to revive her Twitter campaign. As a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, she inspires people through her journey to fitness. She wants to give her story a communal voice, and what better place to do that than social media? She reached out to me to … Continued

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Quiz: What’s Your Twitter Chat Personality?

Love Twitter chats? Of course you do! We’ve created a quiz to help you determine what you bring to the table during Twitter chats: On my lunch break I typically: A) Sit at my desk and scroll through BuzzFeed. B) Research new SEO and social media trends. C) Get in a good chat sesh with … Continued

Using Bitly for Social Bookmarking and Marketing

Last week I talked about what a Bitly is and why businesses should use them. This week, I want to talk about using Bitly as a bookmarking and marketing tool. The tool called Bitlinks is a useful way to track, collect and organize your favorite links. You don’t have to sign up for an account … Continued

What is Bitly and Why Should Businesses Use It?

If you have clicked on a link on any of the social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook lately, chances are it may have been a Bitly link. But what exactly is a Bitly and how can it be useful for your business? Most links that you want your customers or potential customers to … Continued

The Best Way for Businesses to Appeal to Millennials on Social Media

Millennials present a unique opportunity for brands and small businesses that want to market directly to Generation Y. This group is highly coveted because of their incredible purchasing power. Millennials are slated to make up half the workforce in America by 2020 and it is important to make these consumers loyalists to your brand before … Continued

Twitter Wants You to Know How Many People Are Viewing Your Tweets

Ever wonder how many people are actually seeing your tweets? Twitter is rolling out yet another new feature that answers that very question. Most users are kept in the dark when it comes to knowing how many people actually see what you share. But now, underneath each Twitter post, some users can now view how … Continued

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