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Quick Tips to Create Powerful Calls-To-Action (CTAs) Online

Digital marketing is tricky. It’s essential to have a strategy in place for everything. While some may think that crafting a simple Facebook post takes a matter of minutes, there’s a strategy behind every eye-catching, click-inspiring post. That’s why Organik SEO ensures that every piece of content created for our clients, down to the meta … Continued

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How and Why to Become a Purpose-Driven Business

In the past 10 years, we’ve seen the rise of a number of social media giants. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more have flooded our daily lives with status updates from friends, pictures of trips, brand updates and more. The internet and social media have also made us more keenly aware of opportunities to engage with … Continued

2015 Recap Note

2015 Local Search Recap

It’s been quite a year for local search! There were a number of shakeups in the last final few months, taking marketers on somewhat of a roller coaster ride. While some of the changes are less obvious than others, they all seem to be coming from the same place. It looks like most of the … Continued

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Tool Time! Tools for Digital Marketing Success

How frequently do you use a digital marketing tool to help with your social media, SEO or content marketing efforts? Chances are, you’re using at least one tool every day, if not more. We use a number of tools for reporting, analyzing and managing our campaigns, but we’ve found that there’s always room for one … Continued

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Why It’s Good to Be Google Analytics Certified

I recently embarked on a journey to get Google Analytics certified and looking back a few weeks now, I realize it was important for reasons other than what I initially thought. I wanted to get the certification to better understand what I was looking at in the Analytics interface, but what I gained from it … Continued

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