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Project Managing Small Web Development Projects

If you work in a small digital agency or are freelancing, you probably have multiple small projects on your plate at a given time. So how do you handle all of the moving parts? There are tons of software tools to choose from to help you stay organized, on schedule, and under budget. At Organik SEO, … Continued

Position Filled: Front-End Developer (WordPress)

Now Hiring: Front-End Developer (WordPress) We are looking for a talented front-end developer with extensive WordPress experience. On any given day, you will be: Developing responsive websites from the ground up (and helping out with design if you’re into that stuff), performing regular maintenance, improving upon our clients’ existing websites from a UX and CRO perspective, … Continued

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Understanding Domain Names, Email and Website Hosting

Domain Names and Emails and Hosting, oh my! When it comes to hosting your website, you’ve probably heard of ‘GoDaddy’ or ‘SquareSpace’, but what exactly do they do? Let’s Break Website Hosting Down a Bit… Here are some basic definitions of website hosting to help bring you up to speed and below is a helpful info-graphic … Continued

Google Algorithm Update 2015 mobile friendly devices lined-up

Google’s Algorithm Update: Mobile-Friendly Websites

On April 21st, Google will be updating its algorithm to look at the mobile-friendliness of a website and use the analysis as a ranking signal. This update will impact the search results for users conducting search on mobile phone and tablet devices. In the initial announcement, Google went on to mention this update will have … Continued

Increase Website Conversions With 4 Easy Steps

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but encouraging users to do what you want them to do once they’ve arrived is a whole other beast. I am going to talk about four awesome tools that can offer insight into how people are using your website and how you can utilize these tools to increase conversions … Continued

Wanted: Front-end Developer with SEO Experience

Here we grow again! Organik SEO is seeking a Front-end Developer to join our dynamic SEO team here in beautiful San Diego. We are looking for a full time in-house person so please do not inquire if you are not able to work from our office here in Solana Beach. Who is Organik SEO? We … Continued

Best Practices When Launching a New Website

If you are a seasoned web developer ready to launch a new website, or a small business owner creating a free website, you’ll want to make sure that your site is 100% ready before you push it live. Many people are excited to get their website out into the public as soon as possible – … Continued

Now Hiring: WordPress Web Designer (Position Filled)

Here we grow again! Organik SEO is looking for a talented front-end designer and developer to join our growing web development team. We are a small online marketing company in Solana Beach, CA comprised of 15 driven professionals in SEO, social media, content marketing, and design/development. We are passionate about working with companies we love, … Continued

What is Responsive Web Design?

One of the biggest challenges facing website developers and designers today is how to make the site look good on all types of devices. Computers aren’t the only piece of hardware with a web browser anymore. Building a website that is suitable to work on any screen, no matter what size, big or small, mobile or … Continued

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