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Components of an Inspiring Workplace: Part 1

by Organik
on August 29, 2017

2 minute read

Inspiration within a workplace is essential for the utmost motivation, creativity and productivity. So what makes for an inspiring workplace? It comes down to many different factors depending on individual and group preferences on what stimulates inspiration. With that said, it’s important to consider varying work styles [among your team] in order to develop a positive, influential environment.

There are so many components that can help to create an inspiring workplace — ranging from business values to office design. In order to cover as much as we can, we’re breaking this post down into two different blogs. Part 1 will cover the business management side while Part 2 will cover the office design aspects.

Here are four [management] components of an inspiring workplace:


Communicate with your team directly to find out what motivates and inspires them. Find out what you can do to continually push your team for the better. Show coworkers you care about their satisfaction and well-being by checking in regularly — with a purpose. This type of social interaction creates an opportunity for discussion and reassurance, which plays a major role in inspiration for your hard working team members.

Flexibility and Accountability

Whether your business supports working remotely, unlimited PTO or other ways to create a positive work-life balance, stay true to these values. Such implications can greatly influence inspiration among employees. Trust that your team will take benefits with responsibility. Some individuals simply need the occasional change of pace. Flexible work schedules go hand in hand with communication and accountability. Without them, it will be impossible to establish trust and maintain motivation.

Recognize and Reward Achievements

One of the most rewarding moments for an employee is as simple as a little recognition or shout out. Make it known that you see and appreciate everyone’s hard work. People like to know what they’re doing well, along with their efforts that could use improvement. Not only will this help to motivate individuals to succeed, but it will also show your determination to help and see the team flourish.

Purposeful Team Meetings

Bonding with the team doesn’t only have to be during team outings. Promote excitement and creativity by bringing inspiration to the conference table. The more your meetings present a purpose for everyone involved, the more inspiring they will become. Also, consider incorporating fun team activities, as a chance of pace that stimulates creativity and offers a refreshing solution to monotonous meetings.

What inspires your team most? Share with us in the comments below!
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