Creating An Emotional Connection with Consumers: How to Become Likeable Online

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Creating An Emotional Connection with Consumers: How to Become Likeable Online

by Organik
on June 3, 2015

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Think of your favorite brands. What is it that they provide for you that makes them stand out above the rest? Do they share valuable information? Do they bring a smile to your face when you scroll through their Instagram account? Do they help you connect with causes and opportunities that are meaningful to you? Companies that truly understand how to connect with consumers are doing so on a meaningful level. It’s not just about selling a product or service, it’s about providing value. Consumers are savvy – they can tell the difference between a brand that cares and a brand that’s simply pushing its own agenda. Here’s how to ensure that your business is likeable enough to create strong connections with consumers online:

Define Your Brand’s Unique Personality

If you have trouble answering the questions below, your marketing team needs to institute an internal branding campaign:

  • What is our ‘elevator pitch’? You should be able to describe your company and its purpose to a stranger in a few sentences.
  • What are our customers’ needs?
  • How does a client/customer feel after interacting with our brand or services?
  • How would someone describe our brand essence/personality in one word? (example: Disney = magical, Ferrari = exotic, etc.)

These are some basic questions to start with to help fully define your brand and its unique voice. If you don’t know who your brand is, truly, then your audience won’t either. It’s difficult to create loyalty if people don’t understand what they’re subscribing to. How you define your brand will, and should, seep into all of your marketing messages. It should be reflected in your content strategy, your advertising, everything. When creating a new campaign of any kind, ensure that it’s aligned with your clearly defined brand.

Be Present Online

It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway), social media has given brands a wonderful platform on which to connect with potential and current customers and define themselves on a deeper level. The once stagnant Denny’s brand created a vibrant, quirky online presence through Tumblr, Twitter and its other social networks. The company took a chance and developed a voice that resonates with its core demographic. Just try not to get lost in the Denny’s Tumblr account. Once you’ve defined your online personality, let it shine! Pick a few social media platforms to focus on – choose ones that best fit your target demographic (<—-this nifty guide from Sprout Social is a great start to help determine where your core audience plays online).

Next, create a blogging and content calendar to ensure that you’re not sharing too much on one topic and not enough on another. At Organik SEO, we like to create four quadrants of broad topics to guide our editorial strategy. For example, one quadrant could be education, in which you share showcase your expertise in your arena. Another could be company culture.

Commit to being consistently present online.

Get People Excited About Your Brand

Engage with people online. Respond to their questions, chat with them, get to know them. Because you’ve clearly defined your brand and created unique marketing messages via content, social and advertising, you’ve hopefully cultivated an audience. The next step is to thank them for being a fan of your brand. This is as simple as retweeting or regramming their content, offering them a special discount or sending them a handwritten thank you note. It’s amazing how far a little kindness and a ‘thank you’ goes for people. Surprise them, delight them and pay attention to them. They’ll return the favor.

Be About More Than Just Your Business

Show people that you’re about more than simply making a buck. Provide resources for your customers and take it a step further: show them how you’re involved in your community. Do research to determine the causes that are likely to be close to your audience’s hearts. Sleep Train Mattress supported foster children throughout the month of May on its social accounts. People like brands that give back. In supporting such brands, people feel a deeper connection and involvement with the brand. It humanizes brands further and shows that your company isn’t just about the bottom line.

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If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “Creating a Digital Marketing Calendar: Some Helpful Tips!“ Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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