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4 Powerful Words for Digital Marketing Pros: “How Can I Help?”

by Organik
on March 10, 2016

5 minute read

When people peruse the internet – whether they’re reading a blog post, interacting on social media or visiting a favorite website – they’re looking for three things:

  • To connect with others
  • To be inspired
  • To receive help

Connecting with others could mean finding a forum (a Facebook or LinkedIn group) in which they can discuss a topic they love. Throughout the day, too, people seek inspiration online. This could be through a blog post that shares a beautiful story or a funny meme to distract them from the daily grind. The internet, of course, is also a resource. If you’re looking for a recipe or the best local hot spot for food, chances are you’re Googling it.

As a digital marketing professional, it’s essential to meet one of these three needs each time you create a campaign for your brand or client. Approaching every and any digital marketing endeavor with a desire to help your customer will create stronger relationships and generate more sales.

Here’s how to be there for your customer:

SEO Professionals (SEOs)

Create Local SEO campaigns that provide your business’s target consumer with the information they need. Our Local SEO expert ensures that the knowledge graph on Google is up-to-date and that the business is represented well in citations. In doing so, she’s providing a service to not only the business, but to its customers. They can easily find the company they’re looking for and they’re provided with all of the information (and the correct information, at that!) to learn more about the business and contact them. SEOs who manage organic SEO campaigns focus on tracking user flow, creating PPC campaigns that help people find the content they need and ensuring that the website they’re working on is in mint condition. They also make sure that the website is optimized properly for search, which helps Google index it appropriately, which, in turn, helps people find the information they need easily.

Content Marketing Experts

Your team’s content marketing expert is essential. They help craft your messaging to engage your target audience. For example, if you’re a nonprofit and you’re hoping to increase donations via individual millennial donors, content can help your efforts. Creating inspiring blog posts that tell stories about people who have benefited from your nonprofit not only gives your company great content to share on social media, but also provides potential donors with a reason to donate. If you’ve done your job well, you’ve inspired them.

Social Media Managers

Social media managers wear multiple hats. They’re a company’s voice (or perhaps megaphone, is the better term to use), cheerleader, online community builder and customer service arm. Customer service is an undervalued aspect of a social media manager’s job duties. Many people take to Twitter before they pick up the phone to call an 800 number when they have a complaint about a product or service. This is because Twitter is public. They’re more likely to get a response. A number of companies have created social media emails and accounts for exactly this reason. They want to be there for people who have complaints and help resolve them. Most of the time, people just want to be heard. If a company publically handles a criticism or problem well, that now happy customer might become a brand advocate. I’ve seen it happen before and it’s a wonderful thing. So social media managers, use seemingly challenging situations like this to create an advocate and provide help.

Web Developers

Whether you’re a front-end or a back-end developer, your goal is to make the website easy to understand for your target audience. It should be easy to navigate and provide the user with an exceptional experience. It should be built on a platform that can be optimized well and the site should be mobile-friendly. Essential elements that affect usability, like site speed, should be addressed when building the site and frequently once the site is live.

Branding and Design Specialists

Great branding ensures that people understand your company. Without powerful messaging in place, you’re not helping your target audience understand how and why to engage with your company. Design, too, plays a large part in creating brand advocates. For example, if you’re appealing to millennials who regularly use tech, your website’s design (and any other design elements) shouldn’t be clunky and archaic. Help your audience understand your business and why they should use your product or service.

Sales Professionals

The best way in which sale professionals can help is to educate the client or customer about what they can expect from the service or product. They should be cordial, friendly and above all, honest about the product or service. One of the ways to do this if you’re a service-based company is to create referral agreements with other companies. For example, if someone reaches out to Organik SEO and is looking for a public relations campaign, we have a referral partner ready for them. Because of these relationships, if that company eventually needs digital marketing (social media, content, web dev, SEO) they’re more likely to reach out to us again because we’ve kept them in our ‘house’, so to speak.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “How to Create Clear Goals for Digital Marketing Campaigns.” Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!


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