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Google rolls out Google+ Pages for Businesses and Brands!

by Julien Brandt
on November 7, 2011

1 minute read

Today Google’s Blog announced the unveiling of Google+ Pages. Until now Google+ has only been focused on the individual with the promise that in the near future they would also incorporate the ability for people to share and promote the brands and businesses they love. Today Google’s roll out Google+ Pages is accomplishing that.

It seems Google’s main goal for Google+ Page is to give businesses and brands the ability to help connect with their loyal customers and fans. The Google+ Pages also allows customers or fans to promote and share their experience with the business by means of adding the Business page to their circles, promote it through +1’ing it or directly sharing the business with specific circles via a “share this page” button.

The Google+ Pages themselves include 4 tabs so far: Posts, About, Photos, and Videos. The majority of the business information is included on the “about” tab which included an introduction, hours of operations and the website for the business. Posts, Photos and Videos are all generated by the business.

Some of the businesses and brands that were involved in the beta trails and have business pages already build-out are Pepsi, Toytota and Macy’s. Several brands including, The Muppets and The Dallas Cowboys also have Google+ Pages.

Here is an example of a Google+ Business Page:



Google’s announcement happened less than an hour ago so updates and new features are bond to be released soon. We will be following and posting any updates we find to the Organik Blog, please stay tuned for more updates.

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