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Now Hiring: WordPress Web Designer (Position Filled)

by Organik
on June 13, 2014

4 minute read

Here we grow again!

Organik SEO is looking for a talented front-end designer and developer to join our growing web development team. We are a small online marketing company in Solana Beach, CA comprised of 15 driven professionals in SEO, social media, content marketing, and design/development. We are passionate about working with companies we love, and offer a fun, laid back environment where “work hard, play hard” takes on a new meaning.

PLEASE NOTE: Those that are not local and not able to work from our office need not apply.

General Information:

We are looking for an AWESOME web designer that can work from our Solana Beach office, to help with our current web design, user experience, and on-page SEO projects. This would start as a part-time position with the opportunity to transition into a full time position within 1-2 months (assuming we find the right fit).

  • Compensation: Based on experience (please include salary requirements in your email).

  • Hours: Initially this will be a part time contractor position (20+ hours per week Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm) for a 1-2 month trial period.

  • Location: Must be a local resident that is able to work from our office on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach (inquiries from overseas will be ignored).

  • Start Date: Immediately!

On Any Given Day, You Will Be:

  • Creating fast, responsive websites based off of intricately detailed comps, or just a few loose pencil sketches.

  • Performing regular maintenance and improving our clients’ existing websites.

  • Assisting our SEO department with on-page optimization.

  • Creating designs for all major social media channels.

  • Providing your input on how to grow and streamline the web development department.

Who You Are:

  • You are creative

  • You are an energetic developer with a well-rounded skill-set

  • You are innovative (i.e. you push the boundaries of what’s possible with the technology available to you)

  • You play well/nice with others

  • BONUS: You have a great sense of humor

Required Skills + Experience:

Years of experience isn’t as important to us as talent and passion, but there are a few things our ideal candidate should possess:

  • A demonstrable expert in standards-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (we use jQuery).

  • Be on the bleeding edge of front-end technology and methodology (CSS3, media queries, mobile-first design, progressive enhancement, etc).

  • Experience with WordPress. You will be working in and building for WordPress daily.

  • Proficient in Photoshop (you don’t need to be a trained designer, but the ability to create basic designs for social media channels, as well as prepare images for websites will be needed).

  • Have general experience with server-side technology like PHP and MySQL. You should know how to set-up a database, point a domain, and manipulate PHP.

You Also Need to Be Able To:

  • Provide reliable time estimates for front-end tasks/deliverables

  • Conduct cross-browser and cross-platform testing and debugging

  • Stay organized and have excellent communication skills (you will be in regular contact with clients via email, phone, and in person)

Brownie Points If You Know These Things (if you don’t, be ready to learn)

  • Familiarity with Git / version control

  • Experience with data-driven development (analytics, split testing, etc)

  • An eye for great design and typography

  • General knowledge of modern SEO & social media

How to Get This Job:

To apply, please email us at (info[at]organikseo[dot]com) and include the following:

  • Use the subject line “Applying for the web design job in Solana Beach”.

  • A thoughtful email that includes specifics about your experience and why you think you’d be a great fit.

  • Your resume and samples/portfolio of your work (you will not be considered without any work samples).

  • Salary requirements (a range is fine).

  • A self assessment of your proficiency on a scale of 1-5 for each of the following:

    • HTML/CSS

    • JavaScript

    • WordPress

    • SEO Knowledge

    • Organizational skills

…If you are still reading this job description, we’ll give you a head start on your competition. Instead of using the subject line above, do some research to find our company’s core values and start the subject line of your email with one of our core values that resonates with you. In the body of your email offer a very brief explanation of why you chose this core value. Whether it’s at the beginning or the end of the email is up to you.


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