How to Create Brand Ambassadors on Social Media


How to Create Brand Ambassadors on Social Media

by Organik
on July 28, 2015

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Brand ambassadors (hello, marketing jargon!) are people who have been selected to help share information about your brand. The goal is to have them do so in a way that doesn’t seem salesy or pitchy, but feels organic, real and resonates with a brand’s desired demographic. But building a list of people who will promote your brand meaningfully and target the kind of people you want to connect with isn’t always an easy task, especially if you are still working on growing a strong following. We have tips to help identify, connect with and maintain support from key players on social media.

How to Select Ambassadors for Your Brand

There are a number of ways to determine who you want to connect with to help share your brand message online. Remember: If you have a bustling social media presence, you need not try to reach out to new people. You might find that you have a number of potential brand ambassadors who are actively interacting with your company already. Here’s how to select them:

1. Do Your Research

Determine which people are regularly engaging with your brand on social networks. Also, be sure to figure out which of your social networks gets the most engagement – focus on that one first. For many, this is Instagram, so we’ll use Instagram as the example. When you find someone who frequently likes, comments or regrams posts, take a quick look at their account. Do they have a strong following? Yes? Don’t stop there!

2. Be Picky

A large following is good, but an engaged following is better. Look at the number of likes and comments they receive when they post and briefly check out the kinds of followers they attract. Lastly, make sure that what they post resonates with your brand. Not simply with the actual content you share (for example, if you’re a health food company and they frequently post recipes) but the visual style. Do they have a similar voice and tone? Do they share visually appealing images?

3. Create a List

Once you’ve selected 10 people to reach out to, create a spreadsheet that details the following:

– The number of people they follow and the number of followers they have
– An estimate of how frequently they post
– Which other social networks they use
– Name, website, domain authority
– Contact information (email address)
– A brief description of who they are

3. Building the Relationship

This step is truly up to you to decide if you want to get the party started or create a relationship first. You’ll find what works well for you. If you don’t have an existing relationship with your potential brand ambassador (i.e. you tweet regularly with them, have met in person, or have emailed with them) you should, at the very least, ensure that you’re following them on all their social channels. If you’d like to take the next step and retweet and share posts from them and, perhaps, feature them on your blog (if applicable) before asking them to become a brand ambassador, it certainly won’t hurt your efforts. Some brands, however, are strapped for time. So, instead, make sure that you’ve taken the first step of following them on all social networks and then thoughtfully reach out.

How to Connect with Brand Ambassadors

Remember: It’s not just about what’s in it for you. In fact, it should be about what you can offer your potential brand advocate that will help foster a community around your brand. Your focus, as it should be in all of your marketing efforts, is to be a resource to your community, a source of inspiration, insight and information. When emailing about your product or service, create a personal touch. Tell them you’ve enjoyed reading X article on their website or that you loved their insight in a recent Twitter chat. Make sure they know you’re not spamming them. Then, let them know what working with you will do for them. Share information about your company that would be helpful to them. Here’s a sample email, fashioned from our health food company example:


Subject line: Your Recent Blog Post “5 Reasons to Eat Healthy”


I absolutely love the insight you provided in your recent blog post. Your five tips for healthy living are right up my alley. I’ve found that it can be a huge challenge to convince people that healthy eating isn’t just functional, but also fun!

The company I work for, [company name] specializes in creating healthy, fun food products for picky eaters. We’ve been in business for five years and have forged relationships with X, Y, and Z brands and we’d love to have you become a part of our [company name] family. I’m reaching out to you to see if you’d like to review a couple of our most recent products, which, of course, we’ll send to you for free. If you find you love them, we’ll send you our most popular products each month. All we ask is that you share an image of you enjoying your favorite product on your favorite social channel.

If the timing isn’t right, I’d still love to send you a sample.*

In the meantime, as I noticed your passion for kale, here’s my favorite kale recipe.


*Avoid paying people as Google could ding you for paying for a link.

Guidelines for Brand Ambassadors

Be ready for a positive response! If a blogger or social media power user replies to your email, make sure you have answers ready for them. Know exactly how often they will receive new product and explain, clearly, what you’d like from them in return. Provide them with images they can use, blog templates (if applicable) and clear information about your company.

Remember, always, to thank those who are promoting your brand. To continue to keep brand ambassadors in the loop, surprise and delight them. Send them thank you notes and little gifts now and then in addition to the products you send them. Remind them how important they are to you.

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