How To Meaningfully Grow Your Social Media Presence

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How To Meaningfully Grow Your Social Media Presence

by Organik
on August 19, 2015

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“But how many ‘likes’ does the Page have?” This refrain doesn’t frustrate community managers because we hear it all too often. It’s because it typically stems from a lack of understanding of the true value of social media. Social media isn’t simply about growing a social media following, but, rather growing it meaningfully. ‘Meaningfully’ should always be defined by a brand’s goals. Without goals in place, social growth is simply a vanity metric with no real return. That’s why it’s important to determine how to grow a social campaign in a way that aligns with business goals. Here’s how:

Know Your Business Goals

You’d be amazed at how many people and businesses approach social media with the hope that it will solve their business problems through increased exposure. But as with any other arm of business, social media management should be approach strategically. You must have clearly defined business objectives. Pick three and create a game plan for how social media will help achieve these goals. Let’s use fictional running store in San Diego that is trying to achieve the following as an example:

Goal 1: To increase exposure of a new line of running shoes among millennials in San Diego.
Goal 2: To increase foot traffic to the store from an average of 20 people per day to 60 in a two months
Goal 3: To become a leader and resource to the San Diego running community

Now let’s break down how you can meaningfully grow your social following and achieve these goals because, after all, the two work hand-in-hand.

Create ‘Growth’ Campaigns on Facebook

Let’s assume the above-mentioned running store has a Facebook Page that is active and posts at least four times a week sharing running resources and content from their blog. Here’s a sample growth campaign the company could run on Facebook:

Create a Facebook advertising campaign that targets millennials in San Diego who are interested in running, have expressed interest in the running brand’s competitors, are fans of Runner’s World Magazine, etc. Create a ‘Clicks to Website’ advertising campaign that links to a blog post about the benefit of long runs which subtly highlights the running shoes. It also provides people with a coupon to come in for a free running form assessment (during which you can give them more information about the shoes).

Choose about three core goals to focus on and create campaigns like the one described above that not only grow your following (traffic to your website, people commenting on the Facebook Ad) but also help meet a marketing goal.

Engage with an Influencer Community on Instagram

Visual brands do have a leg up on Instagram, but the popular social platform is also home to creatives that inspire through quotes, beautiful photography and consistent, relevant content that is specific to a niche audience. Because of these elements, Instagram is a fantastic platform to find and engage with influencers that are incredibly passionate about all kinds of different industries and topics. Let’s go back to our fledgling running store as an example. Here’s how this store could activate an influencer campaign on Instagram:

Step 1: Spend a few hours identifying key influencers in the San Diego running community. Use Google News (see the tips on how to do this in this helpful article) to find bloggers in San Diego who talk about running. Spend time researching running communities in San Diego to see if any influential runners have a strong following.

Step 2: Begin engaging with these runners. Like their posts, comment on them (don’t get too crazy, just a bit here and there) and then, when you feel ready, reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to review your brand on their social channels. Give them a free pair of shoes to review if you feel like they’re really going to go the extra mile (running pun!) for your brand.

These are two examples of how you can use social media to meaningfully grow your brand. Both examples provide solid, measurable outcomes, rather than fuzzy growth metrics.

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