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How to Optimize Your Business Facebook Page Categories

by Organik
on August 20, 2013

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Do you know how people find your business on Facebook? Categorizing your “About” section is a crucial step in making sure your Facebook Business Place page shows up in the search results.

With the recently launched “Graph Search”, Facebook users can use search terms to find business places, among other brands and groups. The results are filtered by obtaining the information used in the page’s “About” section, mainly the “Category”, “Subcategory” and “Address/Location”. Properly setting up your “About” section for your Facebook Business Page will give you a better chance of showing up in the Facebook Graph search results.

Below is a breakdown of how the Facebook “About” section works, what the category/subcategories do and how the Graph search results for “Places” displays.


The main Category will affect what content is displayed on the page’s About section.
To edit your About Section, go the the Admin Panel and click on “Edit Page”. Then select “Edit Settings” and go to the “Page Info” tab.
There are two ways to set up your About section, and is based on visual preference:

A) If the Category of the page is set up as a “Local Business” then the contact info and hours will display and there is no ability to add any other content here.

OrganikSEO Facebook About Section - Local Business




B) If the Category is set up as a “Company & Organization” then the content can be completely controlled by you! Edit this content in the “Short Description” field in the Page Info settings. The space here is limited when displaying on the profile page and only 3 lines of content will display (the first line is the page’s subcategory).

OrganikSEO Facebook About Section - Company & Organization




Note* Google Indexes Facebook Place Pages so you should further edit the “Long Description” field in the Page Info settings. Add keywords here that are specific to your business and services to help Google index your Facebook Page and display in Google’s search results.


The Subcategory will affect how your Places page is filtered in Facebook’s Graph Search Results. Subcategories are shown on the first line of the About section of the profile and when clicked, will take you to the “Places” Graph search results for the specific subcategory. Keep in mind that only “Places” pages will have the ability to add a subcategory (and a correct address must be inputted). “Places” subcategories are essentially your page’s search terms and help people find your page using the Facebook Graph Search. Adding a Subcategory is the most important part in optimizing your Business’ Facebook page. You can display up to 3 Subcategories on your profile page and you must add at least one.


  • Using the Graph Search: If you are trying to search for a business’ Place page or just looking for businesses in general, you can type in your search terms into the Facebook Graph Search. If your search term matches an existing subcategory then you will see a list of all competitors.
  • Refine your search using Locations: You can better filter your search results by adding a location along with the search term. As a business, your page will only display for the location that the page was set up with in the Address field.
  • Mobile Devices: Since you cannot use the Graph search on mobile devices yet, we do not know how the results will display and filter on your cell phone or tablet. This feature should be available on mobile devices by the end of 2013.
  • How are the search results filtered? The values that affect the ranking of a business place page in the search results are filtered uniquely for each individual. The order of the results you see are based on your friends’ interests and connections. Other possible factors may include Distance from your location, Facebook recommendations (starred reviews), number of Check-ins and the number of likes on the page.
  • How do the search results Display? As mentioned above, the Subcategories in the About section link to the search results page. The results vary depending on if you are logged with your personal account or as the business page.

View from Personal Page: If you are logged in on your personal page, the results will show a broad list of competitors for the subcategory term. From this page you can refine your search. See example below:

Facebook Graph Search Results - Personal User
View from Page Manager: If you are logged in on your business page, the results will show a narrowed list of competitors near your business location under the same subcategory.
See example below:

Facebook Graph Search Results - Page Manager

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “How to Add A Partner to Facebook Business Manager“. Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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