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How to Tweet for Search Engines

by Organik
on February 21, 2015

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Tweeting. It’s a polarizing topic. I’m a big fan, but it’s sometimes difficult to convey the benefit of Twitter to businesses and even individuals.

I got both of my most recent jobs via Twitter connections (hello, online networking!) and our clients at Organik SEO have seen considerable growth in engagement and web traffic from Twitter.

If you’re not tweeting yet, it’s time to consider diving into the ‘Twittersphere.’ LinkedIn posts created via the publisher application are readily searchable on Google, as are public Facebook posts. Twitter is an unbelievable search of real-time news–it’s not surprising that search giant Google wants to capitalize on this. Google and Twitter have announced a deal for Google to include Twitter’s firehose of tweets in Google search results.

Here’s How This Change with Twitter and Google Could Benefit Your Business:

How will this change increase exposure for my business?

This new deal means that if your tweets are compelling, well-written, timely and interesting (see the end of this article for tips on tweeting), they may readily appear in Google’s search results. This is yet another way for your business to gain online exposure.

How will this grow my Twitter following?

Perhaps you’re already tweeting, but you’re having trouble growing your Twitter following. Our social media department focuses on growing client Twitter accounts as a part of our campaigns and it’s a very concentrated, detailed effort because we want to ensure that the accounts we follow on behalf of our clients are relevant to their brand and likely to engage.

Having tweets indexed in search could make it much easier for businesses to grow an engaged, active Twitter following.

Will tweeting improve my search rankings?

I discussed this with our Local SEO expert and our SEO expert and all three of us were excited about this possibility. While some people speculate that it might affect Google social network, Google+ (posts from G+ are featured prominently in Google’s search results), I think this change will add another benefit for businesses hoping to show up in search by allowing tweets to be prominently featured.

Best Practices for Twitter Engagement and Growth

You shouldn’t expect to simply tweet and see a huge uptick in traffic to your website. What you tweet and how you tweet is important and will undoubtedly affect whether or not your tweets are attractive to search engines. Here’s how to tweet for search engines (hint: It’s actually about tweeting for your audience).

How should I tweet for my audience?

If you’re a construction business, for example, and you know your target audience specifically searches for information about permits, craft a tweet about obtaining permits in the location of your core demographic. Make sure to link back to your website and include keywords that you think your audience would search for on Google. For example, “How to Obtain a Permit For [xyz] in Solana Beach [link to your website].”

How often should I tweet?

Consider the quality of your tweets more than the frequency. That being said, Twitter moves quickly. Tweeting a few quality tweets at different times throughout the day is a good foundation. But the next step is important or you won’t see any real return:

What are best practices for Twitter engagement?

Because the Twitter stream moves so quickly, it’s essential to actually engage with users rather than simply depend on the tweets you’ve published to drive traffic and brand awareness for you. Spend ten minutes each day engaging with influential users that are relevant to your brand. Find them by searching for popular businesses and people that might have accounts on Twitter and search key terms relevant to your industry. Follow those who are active on Twitter and retweet a couple of tweets from your favorite influencers each day.

This ensures that when people find you in search, they find an active, exciting and relevant account.

How should I stay organized on Twitter?

Use the ‘Twitter list’ function to group the accounts you’d like to keep an eye on. For example, if you’re a clothing boutique, consider creating lists for ‘Local businesses’, ‘Competitors’ (you can make lists private if need be), ‘Partners’ ‘Vendors’ ‘Influencers’ ‘Local fashion events.’ The lists go on and on!


If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “6 Clever Ways to Use and Create Images for Social Media”. Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.

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