India Yoga in the "Companies That Care" Spotlight

Companies That Care

Indie Yoga in the ‘Companies That Care’ Spotlight

by Organik
on November 15, 2014

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This month, we are shining the “Companies That Care” spotlight on Indie Yoga, a local San Diego yoga studio that challenges the mind, heals the body and cares about the community.

Indie Yoga is located in beautiful Ocean Beach in San Diego and is a “refuge” where students can go to dedicate well-earned time for themselves. They are encouraged to discover their inner potential to strengthen their spirit. The atmosphere at Indie Yoga is one of camaraderie, void of competition. You are simply encouraged to let go and embrace the “anything goes” attitude. At Indie Yoga don’t be surprised if you see lots of smiles and hear huge sighs coming from the classes. Anyone who can open their mind and practice from their heart will love Indie Yoga.

Indie Yoga is run by husband and wife team Mark McLarry and Charity Rahmer and opened about three years ago. Since then, Indie Yoga has offered different yoga classes to benefit the Surfrider Foundation and offers $2 Nika Water bottles from a non-profit that provides clean water sources to impoverished countries.


Indie Yoga’s ‘YoGreen’ Efforts

Indie Yoga also encourage use of their Brita Hydration Station, using reusable water bottles. In addition, Indie Yoga has partnered with Foundation. This partnership encourages carbon offsets and reductions to reduce and offset the impact that carbon has on our world. Carbon offsets work to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made. In the case of Indie Yoga, their emissions are made from electricity and gas. These offsets come from sources such as renewable energy or reforestation projects that balance out the emissions that Indie Yoga cannot reduce. The donations made by such companies as Indie Yoga make a positive impact.

The Calculations calculated that Indie Yoga produces 14.349 metric tons of emission in a one year period. This is equal to 31,634 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Indie Yoga has chosen to offset these emissions, which is equivalent to:

-carbon sequestered by 368 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or
-carbon dioxide emissions from 598 propane cylinders used for BBQs or
-carbon sequestered yearly by 3.1 acres of pine or fir forests or
-carbon dioxide emissions from 1609 gallons of gas consumed

Because of Indie Yoga’s donations, can retire carbon offsets. Put another way, they buy the carbon reductions and then retire them and take them out of circulation forever. How cool is that?

Another great thing that Indie Yoga does is to apply the idea of Permaculture, a philosophy focused on taking care of the Earth while building community and supporting human needs. They apply this to every aspect of their business and daily lives. Indie Yoga is turning a desolate alley behind their studio into a Meditation Garden and Sanctuary where people can go to spend time before or after class. Indie Yoga is using re-purposed material to build the infrastructure, as well as nature-friendly materials, greywater to irrigate and drought tolerant plants.

To learn more about Indie Yoga please visit their website and be sure to check out their Facebook Page.

P.S. If you’re a local San Diego based company that has a passion for sustainability and giving back, we want to hear about it; learn more about “Companies That Care,” and feel free to contact us!  Then tune in every month to see what San Diego business will be featured next!




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