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Key Insights Gained from “Mobile 2018: Optimizing for Mobile Like a Boss”

by Whitney Lettin
on July 13, 2018

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Wednesday night I attended a panel that jumped into Google’s latest update: mobile-first indexing.

Hosted by SEMrush, Neil Patel Digital, Pacific Digital Group, and SoCal Marketing Club, this panel of marketing all-stars tackled the most important factors for mobile optimization. They also discussed the best practices for implementation, tracking, and testing.

Discover how you can mobilize “like a boss” with my key takeaways from the event, below!

It’s All About the User Experience

When it comes down to it, ensuring your users have the best possible user experience no matter what device they are on is the most important factor for any SEO strategy.

User experience includes site speed, structure, engagement, seamless conversion process, and an abundance of other elements. To create a flawless user experience, focus on optimizing these features across all devices.

Create A Positive UX

Almost all panelist could agree, there are three main factors you need for a positive user experience on your mobile site.

Always make sure your sites are:

  • Quick
  • Useable
  • Frictionless

When it comes to site speed, you’ll want to make sure your images and videos are properly optimized. You should also continuously check your mobile site speed to make sure your site loads quickly, without a hitch.

For usability, you need to ensure that your buttons and navigation are accessible on mobile. Another way to make your site more user-friendly is to make the main call-to-actions prominent, while still giving the user the option to go back to the research phase of their journey.

To create a frictionless site, you’ll need to make sure your user experiences a seamless conversion process. For example, you can look to reduce the number of steps and/or form fields the user needs to complete before converting.

Optimize Content For Mobile 

When it comes to optimizing content for mobile, you’ll want to make sure your content:

  • Is easier to digest
  • Matches the user’s intent

One of the best practices for optimizing content is pulling it into smaller, easier to digest sections. An easy way you can break up content is by using bullets and tables. You can also try breaking it up through accordion style tabs.

Historically with desktop sites, content hidden within accordion style tabs and other similar methods were not weighed as high as those shown on page. With the mobile-first indexing, however, this content will have the same relevance as the rest of your content, since expandable content makes more sense for the mobile user experience.

You’ll also want to make sure your content matches the user intent when optimizing content for mobile. For example, if the user is searching, How tall is the empire state building?, you’ll want to match that user intent with a quick answer rather than a lengthy article. Remember, you want to make sure you are delivering what the user wants in order to get the best results.

PWA’s: Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are regular web pages or sites that act as applications in order to deliver fast, reliable experiences to your users as well as enable offline engagement.

When you should implement PWA’s is completely dependent on your product and user. If your user accesses your content often and would benefit from an offline experience, you would benefit from the implementation.

But, make sure you keep in mind that they are not recommended for e-commerce sites and are not yet supported by Apple products.

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are stripped down versions of web pages through HTML that delivers lightning speed load times for mobile users.

As with PWA’s, when you should implement these features on your site is dependent on your product and user.

While it was said to be unnecessary for smaller sites – as it might be easier to clean up the code instead – from the panel’s experience, these pages have been shown to deliver positive results across a number of sites and industries.

Optimizing for Voice Search

While voice search optimization hasn’t been seen to affect search rankings just yet, the rise of mobile searches is seeing an increasing trend in voice search as well.

In fact, comscore predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

With this trend, it is becoming increasingly vital to evolve with changes in user searches when they use voice search.

You can optimize for voice search by using a conversational tone in your content. Pick a tone that answers questions and/or is tailored to long-tail keywords.

Additionally, you can try optimizing your structured data markup and formatting for the featured snippet. This will help move you towards the top of the voice-activated SERP’s and prepare you for the next wave of Google’s ever-changing competitive landscape.

We learned a lot from Mobile 2018. We’re ready to start mobilizing like a boss! Are you? Share with us your favorite insight from this post in the comments below.

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