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How to Measure Your Google+ Business Page Performance

by Organik
on June 27, 2014

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With a predicted user growth of 39% per year, Google+ is becoming a serious player in the social media marketing game. Google+ currently has over 300 million users, is a close second to Facebook and enjoys almost DOUBLE the engagement of Twitter. If you use Google+ for your small business (and you should), what is the best way to know if it is working? It is difficult to spend time and money on a platform when you aren’t sure how to track its effectiveness. If you are looking for new tools to help you gauge your Google+ business page’s performance, look no further! These tools make it easier than ever to see if you are utilizing your Google+ business page wisely as part of your marketing plan. Here are four tools that can aid in tracking Google+ analytics, help identify your key audiences and boost your engagement:

#1>> The Ripple Effect

Using the Ripples Feature on Google+ is a simple and easy way to get info about your Google+ data. Best part is, it’s free! Ripples is built into Google+. All you do to access it is log into your Google+ page and click the arrow at the top right side of any of your posts. Scroll down to Ripples and voila! Keep in mind, Ripples only appears in post you have created. This helpful Google+ tool gives you a complete breakdown of your audience demographics and engagement. An awesome feature of Ripples is its MVP (Most Valuable Player). You can easily identify which of your followers have the most connections and are talking to your desired audiences. By watching your MVP, you can see what they post about and what they respond to most often. You can then use this info to make your own marketing and engagement plan regarding your MVP and grow that relationship with them.

If you want to know which of your followers on Google+ engages with you the most or are your biggest fans, the Ripples tool will tell you. This information is extremely valuable in creating Google+ circles as you target your audience and build brand loyalty.

2>> Keep it Steady

Another great Google+ tool is Steady Demand. This shows you peak times that you should post to get the best engagement, mentions, hashtags and key influencers. Steady Demand also alerts you about any problems with your Google+ posts and gives you valuable insight into your post performances. This cool tool lets you know if and when there is an update that performed badly and lends you helpful suggestions that will help improve the quality of the post (based on past strong posts).

3>> Location, Location, Location

Another valuable Google+ tool to use for your business page is CircleCount. This tool, similar to Ripples and Steady Demand, gives you important info about your followers and tracks post performance and engagement. What sets CircleCount apart from the rest is the feature called Follow Map. The Follow Map is a visual that allows you to zoom in so you can see where most of your fans and followers are located. This will help you create the best and most appealing content for your largest audience. And that will boost your Google+ page immensely. CircleCount is also FREE and offers useable information and insights into the performance of your Google+ page updates. You can easily track your growth and engagement using this helpful tool.

4>> The Competition

Ever wish there was a way to see how your Google+ posts stack up against your other social media profiles? The tool SumAll does just that. Think of SumAll as a do-it-all tool. It compares your performance on Google+ to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr efforts, and that is just the start! SumAll lets you connect at least 30 tools/services to your account. Being able to see all that information in one place is a great way to figure out what truly is attracting your target audiences on each social media platform. Using all that information will help you do A/B testing to see if other topics that you’ve used will have a positive impact on Google+. SumAll can also predict how trends are going to affect marketing efforts in the future.


Having the right tools at your disposal lets you maximize your Google+ updates/posts by measuring your audience, growth, engagement and conversions. This list will help nurture your relationship with your followers and ultimately lead to your business’s success!

What tools have you used for your Google+ business page? Have they helped? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comment section below!

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “Where to get Content From Your Google+ Pages“. Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!


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