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Optimizing Pinterest for Local Search

by Organik
on December 24, 2013

3 minute read

Pinterest is a great e-commerce site for big name companies and cute kids but what about if your business is local? Pinterest might not seem like an obvious choice but by fully optimizing your page, you can find fans through a localized search. Here are some tips on how to better optimize your Pinterest for local search:

1) Add your actual location

Larger companies that use Pinterest accounts usually say they are “Your Neighbor” or “Best Deals USA” but they aren’t especially useful for local search. Pinterest does not have a regulated location field like Facebook. What you can do as a local company is add your city and state. Adding your actual location lets users know they have landed on the right page and profile. You can see Organik SEO’s Pinterest page with the city and state below:



2) Get your website verified

This is a simple step on Pinterest that also lets users know they have found the correct page. Verifying your website lets you gain access to Pinterest’s in-house analytics tool. Using this tool can help you see who is visiting your page and can help target your customer base. Verifying your site is fairly easy on Pinterest. First, click on the pencil in the bottom right of your profile information box, then scroll to the bottom to type in your web address and click “Verify website”. From there, you will be asked to download either a META or HTML file, depending on how your site is set up. After adding the snippet of code to your site, go back to your Pinterest page and see your new “verified” checkmark. See, that was easy! You are one step closer to optimizing your Pinterest page for local search.

3) Use “Place Pins” to create a local Pinterest board

Pinterest rolled out their latest feature, “Place Pins”, in November. This turns a regular Pinterest board into a fun and interactive map. Local business can take advantage of this new feature by adding pins related to their area and encouraging customers to get involved with your pinning. You can create a Pinterest board about your hometown or ask customers to add pictures to their own board that they have taken at your local business! Make sure they tag your company in the post. This way you can feature the pictures on your own business board. Another option is to invite other local businesses from your area to pin to your board. This also optimizes your local search. Here is an example of Organik SEO’s Place Pin board:


4) Use local area keywords

Say, for example, you live in La Jolla, CA. Locals refer to the main section of La Jolla as “The Village”. If you have a local store in La Jolla, using the keyword “The Village” in your profile description on Pinterest can attract potential customers searching for a service or product in La Jolla. By choosing keywords that are native to your area, you are more likely to attract those kinds of users. You can also search for local keywords using Pinterest’s search to find users around you and then interact with them. This is a great way to optimize your Pinterest for local search.

5) Use other social profiles to promote your Pinterest page

Using the audience you have already developed on other social media profiles can help you boost your local Pinterest page. The fans you have from other social media sites will most likely be interested in what you are pinning about on Pinterest and will follow your local business. Another great idea to optimize your Pinterest page for local search is to use the geo-targeting features that Facebook and Twitter ads offer. Promote your Pinterest page to new users using the correct place with the right interest. 

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “Increasing Your Exposure for Your Business by Using Pinterest”. The Organik SEO team is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!


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