People Skills: The Importance of Communication in The Digital Age

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People Skills: The Importance of Communication in The Digital Age

by Organik
on May 27, 2015

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You’ve probably heard people say that digital marketers have it good because they don’t need to communicate – we just sit behind computers all day – we don’t need social skills! Well, the jokes on whomever said that because we need people skills in spades. Our job is incredibly social. Whether we’re strategizing with clients on a social campaign, responding to a PR crisis or managing a project with our team for a client, we need to be able to communicate and communicate well. Computers are simply vehicles for communication, but it’s the person at the keyboard who ensures that the communication is effective. Here’s how to hone your people skills:

Learn How to Network Online

Networking, as we of the digital age know, isn’t limited to mixers and conferences anymore. Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other heavy hitter social platforms have created a new way to engage with potential customers, mentors and friends. But there’s an art to engaging well online. It’s something that will not only further your career (I actually got this job and my last one with the help of Twitter) but will also help grow your business online. Spend a few minutes each day chatting on Twitter and sharing informative tweets. Engage with people on LinkedIn. Always remember to engage as you would in person. Don’t ask people for something without getting to know them. Be polite. Be kind. Be natural. Learning to communicate online will help ease you into other forms of communication.

Know How to Write Well

How you present yourself in person via the spoken word is just as important as how your personality shines through via email, tweets and social posts. Becoming a better writer is, in my opinion, actually quite a fun process. Here are my favorite tips for improving writing skills:

  • Commit to writing once a week on a different topic each week (consider publishing a LinkedIn post each week)
  • Read often and vary what you read
  • Offer to edit another person’s work to become better at recognizing your own writing errors
  • Follow sites like Grammar Girl

Be a Team Player

The way you communicate with your team is important. Whether your team is internal or the team with which you are working for a client or customer, there’s a right way and wrong way to approach team work. If you’re the team lead, you must establish that without stepping on toes or bossing team members around. You must also be able to navigate around different personalities and communicate clearly and effectively so that deadlines are met. In order to do this, get to know each team member and try to determine the best way to communicate with them. You can’t assume that each team member speaks the same language. Some may require deeper explanations of a task while others may only need a big picture perspective. The same goes for clients. Some may prefer quick bullet pointed lists while others may enjoy longer, detailed emails (you’d be surprised!).

Don’t Shy Away from Difficult Conversations

One of the best ways to solve problems is by taking the next step and moving to another platform. If a client is overwhelmed by emails and misunderstandings are occuring, pick up the phone or schedule a Go To Meeting. If a customer is complaining on Twitter, offer to connect with them via email or phone. Always remember to sympathize with whomever is voicing concerns. Don’t be defensive and always let them have their say before you explain what you need to explain. Listen first.

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