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Pizza Port in the “Companies That Care” Spotlight

by Organik
on May 22, 2014

2 minute read

We are happy to give the “Companies That Care” spotlight this week to Pizza Port, a delicious local San Diego pizza and brewing company that is making strides to lessen its effects on the environment.

Pizza Port was started in 1987 by a brother and sister team in Solana Beach. Word spread quickly and soon Pizza Port was a local favorite. In 1992, Pizza Port offered its first craft-brewed beers to patrons. Pizza Port became hugely influential in the development of San Diego’s brewing culture. In 1997, the company opened a second location a few miles north of Solana Beach in Carlsbad, and a third in 2003 in San Clemente. The same year San Clemente opened (as well as the year after), the original location in Solana Beach won Great American Beer Festival “Small Brewpub of the Year”. Pizza Port’s signature brews have gone on to win almost 90 Great American Beer Festival medals since 2000. The company opened a forth Pizza Port in Ocean Beach in May of 2010 and a fifth location in Bressi Ranch in 2013.

Throughout their growth and success, Pizza Port has been committed over the past 26 years to their passion and mantra: “Good Food and Good Beer Bring Good Cheer!” Pizza Port also supports their community at every possible opportunity. They host fundraisers for non-profit organizations and will donate 20% of the entire order that the group spends. They love being sponsors for cool events, kids’ sports teams and donating kegs for breast cancer fundraisers. Also, anything having to do with art, music, culture, environment and health/wellness you can be sure Pizza Port is involved!

Pizza Port is aware of their business’s impact on the environment. From wastewater to energy and solid waste, Pizza Port is committed to lessening its effects on the environment. In the new Bressi facility in Carlsbad, they are taking the first steps to contribute to a more sustainable local community. Come by and check out their solar panel kiosk to see the positive impact the new facility is making!

To learn more about Pizza Port, please visit their website and be sure to check out their Facebook Page.

P.S. If you’re a local San Diego based company that has a passion for sustainability and giving back, we want to hear about it; learn more about “Companies That Care,” and feel free to contact us!  Then tune in every month to see what San Diego business will be featured next!

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