Self-Promotion: How to Turn it On Without Turning Everyone Off

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Self-Promotion: How to Turn it On Without Turning Everyone Off

by Organik
on April 14, 2015

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DM requests to ‘vote for my product.’ LinkedIn spam messages. Poorly targeted Facebook ads. We’re constantly bombarded by terribly executed marketing messages and advertising campaigns. But then, then that one brand creates an advertising campaign so unique, so compelling, so true to its brand that you can’t turn away. You’re sharing it with your coworkers, flooding your own Twitter account with tweets about your new favorite brand and are genuinely obsessed with said brand’s stunning digital marketing efforts.

As a business, how do you avoid the fate of the overly promotional brand and grow toward becoming the brand that people can’t stop talking about? It starts with your core values.

How Authentic Are You?

Scary question, isn’t it? You’re probably not as transparent as you say you are, and that’s fine. What’s not okay is saying that you’re there to provide your audience with value–through information, your services, your product, etc–but instead spamming people with sales messages that are targeted poorly and aren’t useful. This reeks of a lack of authenticity because if your business deems itself professional and wants to provide value to its consumers, it should do it in a manner that’s consistent with that mission. The points below outline how to engage authentically and create an audience that just can’t get enough of your company.

Stop the Spam

Spamming isn’t simply sending chain emails or pitchy LinkedIn messages to people you’ve never met. There are forms of spam that brands engage in that are experimental and far more creative, but just as damaging. Examples include asking people to connect over a common interest or business objective via email and then adding that person to your email marketing list. Another example includes asking loose contacts on social media, via DM or @mention, to vote for you in a contest. If you haven’t fostered the connection and the person has not reciprocated the attention you’ve given them, you have yet to build a relationship and you should not be soliciting them.

Sell the Story

In the spirit of alliteration, please adopt this new mantra with me: “Stop the spam, sell the story.” Every business has a story. Make yours a compelling one. Share information about your team’s accomplishments and recaps from events you attend. Share stories of how your product is being used in a creative, exciting ways. Get people excited about your brand! For example, if you’re a national healthy pet food retailer, share pictures of adoption events that you host at your store and images of happy puppies enjoying all-natural treats. Engage your core demographic (sounds like an ab workout, but it’s not) and every time you create a marketing campaign consider whether it’s truly providing information or resources that are valuable to them.

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