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Small Business Content Marketing Tips to Entice Customers

by Organik
on October 25, 2013

4 minute read

Running a small business is a LOT of work. It’s so easy to get bogged down working on your product or managing customer support because it all requires so much attention. But you must give the marketing aspect of your website and social media sites the attention they need. If not, you run the risk of never gaining new customers and failing to grow to the next level. The copy or message that you use on your website and in your marketing has a huge impact on your visitors. If this marketing copy is done right, these visitors will be converted into buyers.

Here are some valuable tips to entice those customers. These copywriting/marketing ideas are simple, yet extremely powerful for startup businesses:

#1. Understanding Your Target Customer

Many people think that when you write marketing copy for an online website, you should write as if you are addressing a large audience (which you are). But if your marketing copy is written as if you are having a conversation with just ONE person, the impact is far greater. Focus on points that matter most to this certain customer and use terminology and style that he/she uses. This technique helps to build a deeper relationship between you and the reader because it feels more personal. Make sure you avoid writing as if you are speaking to just any person, make it specific.

#2. Make the Customer Care by Focusing on Benefits of Your Product

The product or service you are marketing might have a slew of technical features and functionality. But before a visitor will transform into a paying customer, he/she has to care. Writing effective marketing copy ideally impacts that visitor so much that they will open up their wallet right then and there. By focusing on the benefits on your product or service, you can show your customer how they will benefit from using it or how their life will be changed for the better if they decide to purchase your product.


#3. Reduce Resistance

Asking for money or information such as an email address is met with some resistance by visitors. Some people don’t want to part with their cash or risk spam. A great way to lower this resistance is to change the way you write call-to-action buttons. Instead of the word “Submit”, use “Sign Up for Free,” or add a small sentence under the “Buy Now” button that says “30-day money back guarantee.” This will give the customer the feeling that there is minimal risk and that his/her decision to buy your product is a smart one.

#4. Get Their Attention and Keep it

The first time a potential customer visits your website or social media site, it’s a make or break moment. The visitor is either going to feel like he/she wasted their time or stay and take notice. The top headline and sub-headline of your website are the most important components of your website. Your marketing copy headlines should speak directly to your customer and make a bold statement. If it catches the visitor off-guard, even better…that means they will keep reading. Make your headline marketing copy clear and be up-front about what you are offering. The next couple of lines of your marketing copy should clarify this further and mention the benefits of your product or service.

#5. Create Curiosity

This goes along with #4 on the list. The top headline of your website should get your visitor to read the second one. The second headline should make him/her want to read the first paragraph, and so on. The visitor must continuously be curious to learn more about your product. You can give them a taste of a concept, but be sure and not give away everything. You want them to crave more details. By filling in bit-by-bit as the pages of your website unfold, you create that much-wanted curiosity.

These five examples of copywriting and marketing techniques for startup companies are the key to building an early and long lasting relationship with your customers.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “Who Does Your Social Media Target?”. Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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