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7 Techniques for Brainstorming [Business] Blog Topics

by Organik
on March 21, 2017

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At some point, having to generate blog topics has stumped us all — from industry experts to casual writers. With a little strategy, it’s just a matter of getting the creative juices flowing. Thankfully, the sources of inspiration are endless if you’re willing to do a bit of digging.

The next time you hit a wall and find yourself seeking creative stimulation, try implementing these brainstorming techniques. You’ll be pleased by the number of ideas that come to mind with each approach!

1. Industry Leaders

Scan social media profiles and blogs of industry leaders. Look for informative posts that performed well or that you can relate to. Repurpose the content with your personal take on the matter. Don’t forget to skim through comments for additional viewpoints.*

2. Revisit Your Business Offerings

Browse through your website. From the perspective of consumers and industry professionals, what questions might come to mind about your field of work? Use those questions as inspiration for what expertise you can provide.

Browse other sites for news or updates within your industry. Address the information with your personal takeaways. You never know who will learn from and appreciate your shared point of view.

3. “Google It”

Once you’ve narrowed down a general idea of what you’d like to cover, start typing keywords into Google. Google Suggest displays frequent searches. Titles and meta descriptions provide different approaches. Put yourself in the shoes of consumers to understand what they’re asking. Then come up with different ways to address their concerns.

Google Search Example

In the example above, a handful of blog topics involving ‘brainstorming tips’ can be inspired by the content Google provides.* Don’t love what you see on Google? Try using social media platforms. We love using Twitter and Pinterest for search.

4. Sort Through Analytics

What has proven to be successful for your business in the past? Analytics can provide valuable data that will answer that question. Find blogs that have driven the most traffic to your site and repurpose the content. Approach the topic from a different angle. Provide a new perspective. If the successful posts have comments, consider addressing those as well.

5. Keyword Tools

Answer The Public is a great tool that generates a report of most frequently questions based off of keywords. It breaks down a range of various [how, why, when, what, who, where] queries commonly being asked about your topic. Each query is linked to its Google search results, which provides an opportunity for further research.

Answer The Public Example

Other keyword tools we love: BuzzSumo, SEMrush and Hubspot Blog Topic Generator!

6. “Ask Yourself”

From the above brainstorming strategies, write down any questions that stand out or that you can relate to most. Then ask yourself:

  • What is the goal of my blog going to be? Is the goal relevant to my work or industry?
  • Which topics make the most sense for my business?
  • Will the topic address the appropriate audience?

7. Team Brainstorm

You can’t go wrong with some team collaboration. The more minds thinking about a topic and working off each other, the better. You never know what someone else’s perspective or experience can bring to the table.

*Note: If you are pulling ideas and inspiration from other pieces you’ve found (such as from industry leaders), it’s extremely important to ensure your work is unique. Don’t forget to cite sources when necessary.

Do you have a favorite brainstorming strategy that works best for you? Share with us in the comments below!

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “Why Your [Small] Business Needs a Blog.”

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