Trendy or Timeless: Determine If That Trend Is Right For You

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Trendy or Timeless: How To Determine If That New Tool Is Right For You

by Organik
on March 31, 2015

2 minute read

Meerkat. If you’re in the midst of brainstorming about incorporating the popular live stream tool into your digital marketing campaign, you’re far from alone. One of the most challenging tasks digital marketers face is how to not only stay on top of the latest and greatest social media tools, but also how to determine which tools and trends are truly useful and which will run their course quickly. It takes constant exploration of digital marketing trends, a keen sense of what consumers want and an understanding of the digital marketing landscape to make the right choices when it comes to diving headfirst into a campaign based on a new platform or strategy.

I suggest the following tactics to determine if a platform or strategy is worth exploring. This will save you time, money and heartache (you wouldn’t want to invest heavily in a cool tool and have it go away, would you?):

Watch Carefully

I’m all for exploring, but before diving in, watch what others are doing. Are brands using the platform or is it primarily used by consumers? Are consumers excited about the platform? Which applications seem the most successful when using it? Which ones seem to be falling flat? Take note of all of these aspects before diving in.

Get Your Feet Wet

After you’ve done some preliminary research, dip on in and test out the water. Spend a couple of weeks experimenting on the platform but make sure that you’re not letting it be a time suck. Schedule as much or as little time as you can to explore it and try to stick with that schedule. And, as always, see if it pertains to your target demographic. Are they using it? Can you interact with them on it?

Ask Others What They Think

Newbies and early adopters want to be in the know, but don’t let this stop you from gathering knowledge from friends and digital marketing experts. Take time to ask others what they think. Ask them how they’re using the tool. Use Facebook polls and tweet questions about it. Social media has given you a powerful network: use it well.

Make the Decision

You’ve explored the network, polled your digital marketing friends and should now be able to determine whether the network is for you. Take time to thoughtfully consider if it’s a trend or a timeless tool that you should implement. Write down your core marketing goals and see if you think it will help meet them. No? Then kick the platform to the curb!

Continue the Discussion

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