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Understanding the SEO Campaign Life Cycle

by Organik
on June 17, 2016

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An SEO campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business, but when should you expect to see results? To understand the expectations of an SEO campaign, you need to know the different stages involved. One of the best ways to communicate expectations is by drawing comparisons to the product life cycle. This comparison may not work for everyone, but using this model we help clients gain an understanding of the various expectations at each stage of the campaign.

The Introduction Stage/Foundation Stage

Before you can launch any SEO campaign, you need to find your angle – the strategy that will help cut through the market and find the right audience. The introduction stage can be broken down into three parts: Research, Development, and Launch, with each part equally important to the overall vision of the campaign.

  • Research – Market and audience research play a significant role in creating a successful SEO campaign by giving you the information that you should focus on. From the research and competitive analysis, you can create a successful strategy that will reach your audience through the user experience design, keyword research, content development and deployment.
  • Development – The development phase of the SEO campaign is all about the framework of the strategy. Based on the findings during the research phase, you should be able to identify the target keywords you want to integrate into your site pages and a list of assets to create. This is also where you should set up the campaign’s primary goals and objectives that will act as indicators of the campaign success.
  • Launch – With a solidified strategy, it’s time to launch the campaign. Once launched, remember not to expect immediate results. An SEO campaign is all about long-term sustainable investment and growth. The longer the SEO campaign can push through the life cycle the bigger the reward will be in the end.

Keep in mind, during this part of the SEO campaign you can expect to invest a lot of resources and time towards researching, developing, and launching. If you decide to work with an agency, understand the price of the SEO campaign is not a cost, but rather an investment that will begin to provide dividends in the next stage of the campaign cycle.

The Growth Stage

The moment your SEO campaign starts to produce significant results is known as the growth stage. I am refraining from adding a timeline on when you should see results for two reasons – The first reason is due to competition and trends within the market, and the second is due to variables related to search engine algorithm updates.

You should be able to identify any top performing keywords in the campaign, and assign a cost-per-click value to show an estimated return for each keyword (based on its ranking and expected click-through-rate). It may not be an exact revenue value, but it will give you an understanding of the potential return on the campaign.

The Maturity Stage

During this stage, your SEO campaign has reached its mountain, the 50,000-foot view from the top. At this point, you see the benefits of your SEO campaign come to fruition. All of the time spent, resources and countless hours of refining content have paid off.

Keep in mind, with success comes competition. Competitors and newcomers within your industry may have taken notice of your SEO efforts. By the time you reach this stage of the campaign, they might be more competitive, introducing their campaign into the market or getting ready to hit the growth stage of their campaign.

The Decline Stage

A steady decline in sales and organic traffic value is known as the decline stage. At this time, your SEO campaign is nearing the end of its run, and that’s okay. No SEO campaign is meant to run forever. With constant updates in search algorithms, market competition, technology, and user behavior trends, it’s natural to see an SEO campaign hit a plateau and decline.

At this stage of the game, we always recommend running a post-mortem on the campaign. With the post-mortem report, you can identify issues that may have had an effect on the campaign such as algorithm updates, user behavior trends, and competitor campaigns. The report can also highlight areas of your strategy that work the best and provide improvements for your next SEO campaign.

There you have it, folks! What to expect from an SEO campaign will depend on the life stage of the campaign. By drawing the comparisons to the product life cycle, you can feel confident in answering the question what to expect from your campaign at any given stage.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our post “3 Predictions on Google Conversational Search.” Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today!

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