Wrapping Up Our Donation Drive with the Alpha Project

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Wrapping Up Our Donation Drive with the Alpha Project

by Organik
on April 5, 2016

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In early January, our team chose to head up a donation drive to support the Alpha Project. As a quick recap, the Alpha Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) human services organization whose efforts span globally to help a large number of men, women and children who are affected by homelessness and the many challenging circumstances that are often associated with it. Their multitude of services include, affordable housing, residential substance abuse treatment, supportive housing for people with special needs, basic and emergency services for the homeless, transportation assistance, mental health counseling, employment training, preparation and placement, emergency shelter, HIV/AIDS, education, outreach and prevention, and community services.

Initially, our charity drive was intended to collect rain gear to help keep the local homeless community dry during the predicted El Niño rain season. Well, we didn’t get quite as much rain as we thought here in San Diego, but there’s always a need for donated goods at the Alpha Project, so we moved forward with our drive while pivoting our endeavor a bit to focus on gathering items that meet the long-term needs of our local homeless population. A key part of this effort was an outreach initiative to other local businesses in hopes that they could help us with this donation drive, by either donating goods themselves or helping us to spread the word. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

In February, our friends at HapiFish in Leucadia let us co-host an event to help us kick-off and promote the drive. While we had promoted the event on Facebook and via word of mouth, we weren’t sure what the attendance would truly be like on a chilly Thursday evening. Within an hour of the event start time, the room that HapiFish set aside for us to hold the event was packed with helpful donators.

Organik SEO donation event for the Alpha Project at HapiFish in Encinitas,CA

Organik SEO Alpha Project charity event at HapiFish in Encinitas

Everyone who attended brought a donation and we walked away that night with four bins filled with goods to donate, which included over 21 articles of clothing, 26 personal care products and 8 tarps/blankets. The team at Hapifish was also kind enough to let us keep a donation bin in their restaurant to help us to continue gathering items thru the end of March.

Organik SEO charity event at HapiFish

Inkkas came thru with a big surprise of donating 20 pairs of shoes to the cause. While Southern California winters are pretty mild, we do experience some chilly nights. Inkkas are meant to withstand mild outdoor trekking and are eco-friendly to boot. This was such an unexpected donation. The kindness of others never ceases to amaze us. Learn more about who they are and what they do here.

Adventure 16, a neighboring business here in Solana Beach dedicated to all things outdoors, donated way more than we ever could’ve expected. In our initial outreach discussion, they casually replied that they could donate some backpacks, which we were more than grateful for. When we arrived to collect the backpacks the manager, Melissa, said to us, “Ok, do you want to bring your truck around back so we can load it up? You might need to make two trips.” My co-worker, Nicole, and I looked at each other like, “what?!” When we saw the mound of goods they were donating we were taken aback — over 25 high-quality (serious) hiking backpacks, and 5 large boxes of camping gear that included gloves, tarps, sleeping bags, outdoor clothing and more.

Adventure16 Donations for Organik SEO charity drive for the Apha Project

This donation alone ended up being a full truckload filled to the brim, passenger seat included.

Organik SEO charity drive, backpacks and gear from Adventure 16

In the end, we made two donation trips to The Alpha Project. On our final trip, we almost lost a box on the I-5 freeway. YIKES! When we pulled off into a nearby gas station to tighten up the straps holding the box, a kind gentleman offered up some more rope and assistance to help us secure our load. It’s the red and white rope in the picture below — we had to showcase it! This is a prime example of the saying, “Like attracts like.” When we do good by others, it spreads like wildfire. Doing the right thing is a regular practice here at Organik SEO. It is the reason we’re a certified B Corporation and why we’ve designated ourselves to a set of core values, which hold us accountable for adhering to better business practices on a humanitarian and ecological level. Donating to The Alpha Project was inspired by our core value, “People and Planet First.” Our work is not done. We make it a goal to continue with our charitable efforts throughout the year, one project at a time.

Alpha Project donation from Organik SEO


So a big shout out and thank you to EVERYONE who helped us with this effort. Go team!

Help Keep San Diego Dry with Organik SEO & The Alpha Project

Giving back is something we like to do regularly here at Organik SEO. Check out a recent blog post we shared on the 3 Reasons Businesses Should Give Back To Their Community to get a few ideas on how your business can give back! Organik SEO is passionate about helping businesses grow by tapping into the power of social media and SEO. To discuss how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.

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