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Bonafide Provisions


Bonafide Provisions is a leader in the health and wellness industry in the United States. The company, born in Southern California, was the first to market with their USDA Organic broth. They reached out to the Organik SEO team to help them grow their overall presence within Google Search as well as boost their exposure and engagement on Facebook.

Bonafide Product Line

Goals /

Organik SEO conducted research to see which search terms would garner the most exposure as well as gain insight into seasonal trends. Once the core terms were identified they were included in the website’s copy and ads. Additionally, the Organik team created Marketing Pillars, developed Digital Avatars and conducted competitive research to design a Facebook campaign to encourage people to ‘like’ Bonafide’s Facebook page thus increasing brand awareness, reach and engagement. In parallel, the Organik team analyzed the traffic visiting the website to understand the user flow and customer journey. Our SEO and Web team worked together to create a strategy that would enhance both user experience and organic search through adding additional pages, customizing their current theme, and optimizing new content added to the website.



Through a combination of social and organic SEO campaign efforts, Bonafide gained over 50,000 likes on Facebook and traffic to the website more than doubled over the course of two quarters. In addition, working in conjunction with the Bonafide team, website engagement increased and showcased improvements across KPIs such as page views, bounce rate, and average visit duration.


Likes gained on Facebook
Increase in new user website pageviews
Increase in monthly website traffic

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