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The Centre


The Centre is a facility that encompasses a range of businesses as well as event venue spaces for both corporate and private events. Due to their broad range of offerings, The Centre faced two challenges, exposure and messaging. In terms of exposure, The Centre needed to gain exposure for a wide variety of competitive verticals. Secondly, the messaging and website needed to concisely convey the full scope of their capabilities and offerings without overwhelming or confusing new visitors.


Goals /

Organik’s goals were to increase overall brand awareness and exposure of The Centre, increase social exposure and engagement, as well as increase the volume of inquiries interested in event, meeting, and wedding space venues.

Our strategy was founded in creating and promoting content specifically tailored to the various user segments interested in both the retailers within the Centre as well as The Centre’s service offerings. In addition to promoting and supporting traffic to events occurring at the facility, the Organik team collaborated with The Centre’s internal marketing to create unique posts and articles to establish The Centre as leading resource in topics related to their service offerings. The content was then supported by both social media and seo efforts to further their reach and credibility.


Since the start of the campaign, The Centre has continued to gain traction and exposure within a number of verticals both locally and nationally. The focused content efforts generate traffic from all over the United States.

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