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Drive Targeted Traffic with Paid Search

While you can work your way into Google’s favor organically, (and onto the first page of search results) with careful search engine optimization, the top 1 to 4 slots are always reserved for paid results. Over 33% of search traffic goes directly to the first Google result — the top of the page is a place any business should aspire to be.

There’s no better way to target qualified leads and direct them to your site than with a well optimized Google AdWords campaign (also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click). This involves a crafting and optimizing a series of keyword-specific ads in Google. When someone searches a term or phrase that is relevant to your business, Google will serve up your ad at the top of results.

Running a paid search campaign goes beyond simply setting up an AdWords account. Our team specializes at maximizing ROI from paid search. We are proud to say that we’re official Google Partners, and that our Paid Search team members are all Google AdWords and Analytics certified.

Don’t forget, we are a Google Partner!






Our Paid Search Process


Research & Strategy

Our initial research dives audience demographics, location and behaviors as well as any existing data to outline the primary targets of the campaign. We develop targeting strategies to focus on users showcasing signals of intent or interest relevant to your campaign’s objectives.


Ad Creation & Targeting

From our Research and Strategy, one of strategists will create multiple veins of creative ads tailored for your users based on various groupings of high value search phrases. In addition, we conduct a comphrehesive setup of search phrases and audiencs that we exclude in our targeting to so we can best utilize each dollar spent.


Management & Optimization

Ongoing management starts with constant monitoring of the campaign’s performance to ensure our targeting and budgets are on point. On a routine basis, top performing search terms and ads are promoted and evolved while lower performing ads are phased out so your budget is supporting the most successful creative and targeting.


Reporting & Development

Our team provides regular reports and insights on the campaign’s performance as well as new avenues or ad channels that can be pursued to further increase the potency and reach of your paid marketing efforts.

Ready for Paid Search?

The #1 Google result gets 33% of search traffic. Paid search delivers your website at the top of the list when someone searches a relevant term.

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